TicrThing: The Bitcoin Price Ticker for Crypto Enthusiasts!

bitcoin price ticker

Finally, the perfect yet simple gadget for the Bitcoin and general cryptocurrency enthusiast alike. It can be seriously tiring having to constantly drop everything you are doing to manually check the current price of Bitcoin, at least until the Bitcoin price ticker was created! For those of you that know what I mean, know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you who think I’m speaking Klingon, don’t worry – you won’t be left behind, I will explain more in “The benefit” below.

The benefit

Assuming you know already what Bitcoin is, the price of Bitcoin on a daily basis, heck, an hourly basis is extremely volatile. It is up one minute and down another. To keep up to date with the current pricing of Bitcoin, a person needs to mentally stop what they are doing to go and check on Bitcoin tracking websites to get the current pricing.  Keeping up to date with current prices helps one determine whether they hold onto what they have or whether they cash in.

Not anymore. TicrThing is the newest tool for the job. This revolutionary bitcoin price ticker is a dedicated price ticker that will keep an eye on the fluctuating and volatile market of Bitcoin. It simply connects to your WiFi network and displays the Bitcoin price right on your desk. The amount of work you need to put into checking the prices now is to shift your eyes two inches down to your desk surface and you are now informed.


How does this bitcoin price ticker contraption work?

This device periodically connects to your WiFi to continuously update the price of Bitcoin and gives you timely warnings of price swings so that you never again miss an opportunity. If there is a large price jump, the screen even ‘yells’ at you in the form of a flash. In addition, this geeky gadget does not need any cords, it just gives you simple freedom in the form of a battery and is rechargeable via a micro-USB port. You can also choose among different currencies, exchanges, poll rates, etc.

Mike Mihaylov, chief developer of TicrThing, has stated,”We’ve been involved in the blockchain ecosystem long enough to know this: everyone is secretly obsessed with the Bitcoin price. The TicrThing feeds this obsession.” Just like the mention of a fudge brownie, I need to fulfill my crypto-obsession with TicrThing, the latest and greatest bitcoin price ticker. Placing order now…

Check out this cool video to see it in action:




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