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A cool gadget that Sanvada has run across recently is a new type of sports headphones. Sports headphone designs are not all created equal and are often subject to breakage or are downright uncomfortable for the wearer. I don’t know about you, but the ‘in-the-ear’ headphones have always hurt my ears during a workout session, or just plain fall out. The over the ear ones tend to need constant readjustment on my small adult head. There is just no winning with athletic headphones. That is until the RunPhones were developed.


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The RunPhones Design

These headphones are designed in the form of an actual headband. So they serve a two-fold purpose. The headband will wick away the moisture and keep you dry while also staying in place and not constantly falling out of your ears. They are either wired or come in wireless if you are sporting the new iPhone 7 without the headphone jack.

The band itself is made from 88-100% recycled plastic and come in a wide range of colors. There are two versions with the summer version made from PolarTec PowerDry mesh fabric and is much thinner and more comfortable for the hot summer temperatures. The winter version is made of PolarTec PowerStretch fleece fabric keeping you warmer in the brisk, cold temperatures. The speakers are embedded directly into the fabric and adjust to your ears unlike those painful earbuds.


The tapered design allows them to stay put on your ears, but still allows enough ambient noise to come through to keep safe while jogging or cycling outdoors.

Convenient and Portable

These RunPhones are also super portable and lightweight and do not break. I repeat, they do not break! Well, unless you plan to put them under a car tire or something, but they won’t break through regular use or stuffing them in your gym bag. These new-style headphones are the perfect way to have music accompany you while you are working out during the day. That is the download from our RunPhones review, please comment if you have any suggestions or what your experience has been like with these magnificent headphones!

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