New charger powered by your movement

charger powered by your movement

Yes, it is true! The future predicted by blockbuster movie “Matrix” is coming without an Apocalypse.

Humanity of the XXI century needs constant and transportable personal energy sources. Multitudes of our everyday gadgets have high energy consumption, so we need to recharge them in order to stay mobile in our modern world. For this reason, the age of smart personal gadgets became the age of transportable energy sources as well. Transportable chargers were not effective enough because they were also dependent on constant energy sources. Solar energy recharge solutions give us more mobility but not full independence because the sun shines mostly less then 14 hours per day.

But, now one of the best solutions seems to be found!
A group of enthusiasts with a technical background have presented on Kickstarter the ‘HandEnergy’ charger which is basically a charger powered by your movement. Essentially, it transforms energy from our bodies into electricity and then stores it. You will be able to charge your smartphone, tablet and gadgets anytime and anywhere!


How does the HandEnergy work?

The generator works with a person’s wrist movement. You just need to turn it on and release the starter ring. It will transmit an impulse to the rotor where it will then rotate the HandEnergy generator with your wrist movement. Of course, energy could not be produced in static and you will need to put a little effort on rotation with an average speed of 5000 RPM (about 0.536 Horsepower). The magnetic rotor transmits mechanical power to the stator and produces an electric current, charging the built-in batteries. With this stored energy you will be able to charge via USB Output 5V 1A; your smartphone, action camera, tablet, smartwatch, flashlight, tracker, e-book or speakers.

The charger, developed by, is very compact and looks like an apple, or PokeBall, for the Pokémon fans out there know what I mean. This is the most efficient electricity generator adapted to our hands.

Moreover, it is eco-friendly and produces completely clean energy. You can also train your hands with wrist movement, which is very useful for people who spend a lot of time working with computers.

HandEnergy has the same current as when you charge devices from the socket. However, to charge the battery for HandEnergy, rotating takes a bit longer due to lower current from energy generation. has even developed an app for this charger, which allows you to track the generation of energy you create and to share it with friends.

The future of dynamo machine chargers

As long as major corporations are not able to find an extensive solution to recharge their gadgets, such indie ideas would continue to develop and become more and more popular. Of course, it is hard imagine a world where people are constantly doing charging exercises, but this could be the perfect solution for some people who are looking for energy backup like travelers and nightlife fans. Moreover, augmented reality app developers could use the rotation idea or rotor generator technology to create a game that has no harm on your smartphone’s battery, but helps to charge it instead.

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