World’s Smallest Smart Remote Controls More Than 30,000 Products

smart remote control

The world’s first remote control dubbed ‘lazy bones’ was developed in 1950 by Zenith Radio Corporation and was attached to the TV set by a wire. Five years later, the first wireless remote was designed by Eugene Polley, who was head of engineering at Zenith. This technology stands to date. Improvements have been made in the form of shapes and sizes, distance of operation, but the underlying technology remained that of 60 odd years ago.

However, now there’s a new remote in the market known as World’s smallest smart remote control (WSSRI).

How this smart remote control works

The remote weighs 1 gram and is made to look like an average jack-pin, making it incredibly small. In fact, it is connected to your phone through the jack pin hole. And just like that, your phone becomes the remote. Just point it in the direction of the TV for example. The WSSRI is compatible with IOS and Android systems and once plugged in, an app that supports its use is automatically downloaded, and the phone is converted to a remote control.

The beauty of the WSSRI is that it is not only a TV remote, but a device that can control any electronic appliance that requires a remote, indoors or outdoors. It is compatible with over 30,000 devices. In the event it is a TV, once you point the remote to the TV, a menu pops up and displays all the TV models that the remote is compatible with. Once you choose the model you have, the remote senses it, and it starts working.

Infrared technology and other features

Remote controls use infrared technology where a string of pulses is sent from the remote to the electrical appliance making it easy to monitor from a distance. WSSRI’s infrared technology can work even at a distance of 12 meters, which is the farthest range for any remote, past and present.

The WSSRI is equipped with a Dual- core launcher stack integrated which is able to control all buttons of the compliant electrical appliance. This also means that the response time is a split second, no noticeable delays whatsoever. This remote can be monitored from any corner of the room, and obstacles are not an issue like in other remote controls. The infrared technology can go past even the most opaque of objects and still control the electrical appliance intended. This ranges from remote enabled doors, curtains, gates to day to day electrical appliances such as TV’s, fridges, DVD players to music systems.

The future of the device

In a future where most machines will be remote controlled or automatic, this small controller is in the perfect avenue to be highly resourceful. Most people own a smart phone today as the number grows exponentially every year.

Scientists are facing a time where all you have to do is enter your living room and have a sit. Take your phone and use it to manipulate every machine in your apartment. Forget the first remote called the “lazy bones”, this will escalate that couch potato state to a whole new level.




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