[PHOTOS] Top 5 weirdest tech from CES 2017

ces 2017

The Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) launches every year in Vegas. It’s like a technological kick-off to the new year every January. CES never ceases to amaze the thousands of attendees that travel from all over the globe, or those of us that stay behind the screens of our laptops and phones and watch from the comfort of our sofa. CES is an amazing experience, and I think anyone interested in new tech and innovative products should attend at least once in their lifetime. This year, CES delivered some new tech that was as weird as it was extraordinary. To showcase some of these out-of-the-box inventions, we’ve put together the Top 5 weirdest tech from CES 2017.

The ‘Smart Hair Brush’

Paris-based Kerastase introduced something they feel is missing from everyone’s daily hair routine – a ‘smart hair brush.’ The Hair Coach Smart Brush is a hair brush that trades data with its own dedicated smartphone app to gather information to give you advice on taking better care of your hair. The brush listens to your hair with a microphone and sensors on the bristles that listen to your hair as its being brushed to gather its data. The Hair Coach Smart Hair Brush is powered and backed by Withings, a company that is no newcomer to tech. The brush is expected to retail for around $200 and is aiming to officially launch Summer 2017.

The Hypersuit

Many companies are getting into the virtual reality market with wearable headsets that put you inside other worlds. THEORY wants to take it one step further. At CES 2017, THEORY introduced the Hypersuit – a simulator that pairs with an accompanying headset and gives the person wearing it every sensation of flight without all of the risks of actually flying. Hypersuit enables you to do things like base-jumping, being a superhero, and more from the safety of your own home. THEORY claims the Hypersuit is a suit “with endless possibilities.” There has not been an official price tag announced yet, but rumor has it it won’t be cheap.

Pop-I Backpack

If you’ve ever taken a selfie and thought “I really want to put this picture on something and wear it around all day, but I might not want to wear it forever,” then there’s a new gadget for you. Pop-I is a company that is trying really hard to make electronic ink, or e-ink, happen in the apparel industry. It’s newest venture is a backpack that can display your favorite selfie for everyone to see. Simply take a pic using the accompanying smartphone app, then display the picture onto the backpack’s display via bluetooth. The backpack comes in two sizes: The Classic Bag with and HD 10″ e-ink display, and a Sport Bag with a 4.7″ e-ink display. The Pop-I Backpack is expected to start around $99 this Spring.

Furrion Prosthesis

Furrion, a company that is obviously good at using their imagination and turning it into reality, showcased their newest passion project – The Furrion Prosthesis.  At first glance, it looks like they just got it back from the set of the next Star Wars installment, but this massive machine is actually meant for racing. The Prosthesis, which is 14 feet tall and weighs an astounding 7,000 pounds, can travel up to 21 mile per hour and the company claims it can also jump 10 feet into the air. This electric-powered eco-skeleton is a big step toward racing mech for Furrion, who is hoping to help create a path for more electronic-powered machines like Prosthesis. No word on price yet, as this was just a prototype. Keep in mind, this machine doesn’t look like it’ll fit in your garage, so before backing this project you may want to do some measurements.

Sleep Number 360 Bed

Sleep Number also gave us something more to help us all rest better. The Sleep Number 360 Bed comes with its own app to help study your sleeping patterns and adjust your bad habits accordingly. Does your partner snore? This bed will adjust their side before the noise even begins to annoy you, helping you both sleep better. Do you have cold feet at bedtime? The 360 Bed also warms your feet slightly to help you fall asleep faster and more comfortably. Using Sleep Number’s Sleep-IQ technology and a series of biometrics, it’s main goal is to give you a better night’s rest. I didn’t realize how many people had cold feet, but that feature seems to be a hit at this year’s CES. Pricing is not yet available, but you can sign up for notifications on Sleep Number’s website.

All in all, CES 2017 was a hit. We saw the cool, the cooler, and the downright strange. Even though it’s another year away, we are already excited to see what CES 2018 has in store for all of us tech-curious consumers.