6 Automated Pet Care Products For Busy People That Will Stun You

automated pet care products

Automating pet care is about intimacy

Dog owners today are some of the busiest people out there. The automation of pet care, though being a natural consequence of the digital age, really offers an intimate solution to dog owners who are not always able to be with their dog.

Animals respond to images, and with smart phones most of the real problem for dog owners was greatly solved. The designers of these products understand that the intimate connection with a dog is the bond that really is the cornerstone of the relationship.

These six devices pinpoint some major themes when it comes to caring for a dog. The major points are intimacy, security, and health. Data tracking enables you to locate a dog in another state, monitor their health, heart rate and activity level, and even play fetch.

The smartphone joined with sleek devices can even allow you to video conference with your phone. Here are some of the most innovative automated pet care products to date:


GPS technology and mobile application have combined in the device known as Whistle. Dogs outfitted with this sleek GPS tracker keep pet owners notified of the whereabouts of their beloved. An amazing feature of Whistle is that there are no bounds where your pet can be located; if you were in another state from your pet was, you’d be able to know your pet was last. These notifications sync up with your mobile device in real time, making your pet safe and secure.

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Fitbark is a mobile application for pets and acts as a monitor for your pet’s activity level. Inventive pet owners have used this data to shape the health of their animal. More sources reporting on Fitbark state with data tracking and monitoring your pet’s progress, ensures better overall psychological development for the animal.

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The security of your dog matters most to the owners and inventors of Petcube. The pet cube device is a Wi-fi pet camera that allows you to see, talk to, and play with your pet all via your smart phone mobile device. Each of these activities are broken out into four different products thus far; the seeing function requires a different device than playing.

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Now the process of automating tracking or locating a dog seemed like something I could have predicted. Ifetch was something that stunned me, the concept of automating fetch with your dog.

When you think about the daily life of pet owners, busy is one word that comes to mind. Most dog owners have full time jobs, kids have homework…these aspects of daily life helped the owners get the idea for Ifetch. The device propels a ball out into the air and with some minimal training, the dog simply returns the ball to the chute and you have a pleasantly occupied dog.

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T-Pai Automatic Intelligent Doghouse

This is certainly a perfect solution when it comes to the traveling dog owner. Hong Kong Tesla technology have put out a fully functional intelligent dog house that can let you speak to your dog, entertain him, encourage him to do his business regularly throughout the day (the T-Pai is self-sanitizing and desposes of any waste clearly and thoroughly).


Playdate is one of the neatest full interactive toys for dogs on the market. The spherical shape of the ball combined with the control device a la your smart phone allows for remote playtime and interaction with your pet.

Though the concept of automating fetch is something we have seen, this by far excels in innovation and elegant simplicity. For the traveling dog owner, or just the busy professional pet lover, this surely wins on the most intimate innovation in pet care today.

Big Data and Pets

It is unmistakable that the proliferation of data has made it possible for pet care to have that intimate touch that owners need. Not only that, even houses and living quarters for a dog can serve as a self-caring unit when the owner is absent or on vacation.

With more development occurring, clear images and interactive capabilities engage a dog visually. Though dogs are more inclined toward smell, the visual images have been shown to be very engaging for dog owners.

The market is clearly demonstrating how data and visual technology can give the dog owner much of a close feel even when traveling. This helps to encourage further dog owners when the professional is asking herself,”how am I going to care for a dog with my busy schedule?” Kudos to data on these six awesome devices.

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