8 Useful Gadgets For Low Temperatures And Snow

Useful Gadgets for Low Temperatures and Snow
Useful Gadgets for Low Temperatures and Snow

Winter often occurs beyond the tropics. Humanity was not designed for the colder weather. Case and point; we mostly have hairless bodies, bones and artifacts of the early man being discovered in central Africa, one of the hottest places on the planet.

Population and migration pushed people beyond the tropics and man had to rely on his wit and gadgets to survive these harsh conditions.

The Winter is Coming: Are you more the kind of ‘chimney and chocolate at home’ person, or ‘outdoors plus maybe some wild and chill rides while enjoying the white landscape’ free soul?  Whoever you are there many gadgets designed to keep you occupied during the cold season.

Indoors gadgets for the winter

Nest Thermostat

Today’s, smart device integration is not only for phones, but has thermostats as well. The thermostat is one of the most common household devices. So what makes the Nest thermostat so impressive you ask?

You can stay warm without spending a whole lot of money. Better still, you can use the Nest to regulate your cooling in the summer and save money then, too. So it lets you control your energy bills and stay comfy and cozy while helping to care the environment.

This means Nest is the intelligence made thermostat: It programs itself and learns from you and your season’s habits. In fact, It can use sensors and your phone’s location to check your house temperature even if you are not around, then set to an Eco Temperature to save energy.

This winter device also helps you save more energy by having several multicolored light diodes to help you light the house at night when you don’t necessarily need a lot of lighting.

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Sleep Number 360

The bed, reborn! Smart, effortless comfort: using biometrics to sense you and your partner’s movements on the bed and adjusts firmness and comfort accordingly. Many mattress will ask you to rotate the mattress every few months to re-even the firmness, but the Sleep Number 360 automatically does this simultaneously as you sleep.

Sleep Number 360

Does your bed do all that? Mine neither —And although it could get awkward to have intimacy with a bed that you will feel is almost alive, I guess the warmth worth it, ha!

Peet 2-Shoe Electric Dryer

Sounds like a random choice? Anyone who’s woken up after a hard day skiing only to slip their feet into soaking wet shoes will totally understand this decision. The Peet shoe dryers claim to dry any shoe, not matter how wet, they’ve become overnight. This Gadget company also also claims that their tech product removes odor causing bacteria, skin irritants and prolonging the life of your shoes —Because let’s face it, good ones aren’t cheap!

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On the other hand, it is very light to carry on-the-go so that you can take it everywhere. Are now considering going outside? Let’s go then!

Outdoor gadgets for the winter


Fashion meets Tech! Is Peepsnake a scarf? A belt? A blanket? A turban? All in one! Plus, to access your phone on the slopes and the snow won’t be a nightmare anymore.

The convenient touch screen window pocket and zipper pouch keep your phone, keys and cash safe and easily accessible. Furthermore, the phone pocket also boasts a window for your camera lens, so you can take photos and videos without removing your phone.

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If scarfs do not fit your style, say hello to the texting gloves that allows you to chat without removing them, or speak even without grabbing your phone. Most of us are guilty of texting while walking, even in the wintertime. There’s no reason to risk frostbite over sending the fire emoji, which is why it’d be a good idea to invest in maybe a good pair like the iGloves.

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And for people who only speaks sign language or have a closer one, SignAloud gloves may be an excellent tech-wearable for better expressing yourself on winter time!

POC’s Receptor BUG Ski Helmet

If your bike is your faithful partner and even on winter she doesn’t stay on the trunk, or you do love extreme sports like snowboarding or ski, this helmet could be on your wishlist.

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POC Receptor BUG

It has an advanced outer shell which protects against falls and sharp objectives, plus it’s built in Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which can be controlled by your smartphone to take calls, adjust volumes and listen to music.


Face it all in the winter! The products from this brand are revolutionizing, integrating electronics and energy into footwear to offer consumers more functions that will bring significant comfort and well-being: tracking, Bluetooth, smart and heat on each foot.

They offer both smart soles and stylish shoes, Android and iOs compatible, so you can boost your old sneakers to improve or give a try to a whole new system tech shoe.

Recon Snow 2

Data visualization in real-time? That’s what companies like Recon Instruments or Ski Amadé have in mind since some time ago, but unfortunately, it is still not very common to see riders enjoying this technological breakthrough. The reason? A very high price that the vast majority does not compensate with what it offers.

Still a futuristic gadget to give a try if you can afford before going out having fun on your skis.


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