12 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Apple iPhone 7

Like many other gadget-addicts, I love my Apple iPhone 7. It is an extension of me and it holds so much information that I need on a daily basis, I’m not sure if I could get through a normal day without it.

Apple’s new device performs many basic functions – phone calls, texts, web browsing, etc., but I did wonder what more I could do with my iPhone 7 to experience its full range of abilities. Here are 12 tips to get the most out of your new iPhone 7:

iphone 7


The iPhone 7 back cameras (yes, plural!) are amazing, but their settings can be manipulated to make the use of the Apple iPhone 7 even better.

Camera Shortcut

I mostly use my camera for selfies and to take pictures of my dog, but I loved having the little camera icon to swipe when I needed my camera in a hurry. So where’d it go? On iOS 10, which comes default on the iPhone 7, you simply just need to swipe left on the lock screen to get to your camera function. Easy as that!

Lock Camera Lens

Due to the iPhone 7 having two camera lenses on the back, sometimes the focus can change while you’re recording a video and the lenses are switching back and forth. You can change this setting, and avoid the blurry videos, by going to Settings > Photos & Camera > Record Video and toggle the Lock Camera Lens option to the ‘On’ position.

Camera Filters

We all know filters on the Apple iPhone 7 camera app are the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t know where I’d be without my ‘Chrome’ filter. Now you can set a filter on your camera that won’t revert back to the ‘no filter’ setting when you open your camera again.

Enhancing 3D Touch of the Apple iPhone 7

While the 3D Touch feature has been around for a few iPhone generations now, the iPhone 7 has many enhanced features.

Control Center

Set a quick timer using the Control Center for the Apple iPhone 7 by pressing down on the timer icon and selecting which one you want. A double-press on the Home Button will bring up the app switcher, making it easier to navigate between apps or kill an app whenever you want.

Quick Reply

When you receive a message, just press down on it and a pop-up screen will appear for you to type your reply. The same process works in emails, too.

Home Button

The iPhone 7’s home button will feel a little strange at first. That’s mainly because it’s actually not a button at all. There is a haptic motor behind the ‘button’ that causes a vibration and feels like a click when you add pressure with your finger.

Vibration Setting

For those of you who feel the need to customize your home button, there is a way to change the intensity of the vibration. Simply go to General > Home Button to change the feedback settings.

Double-Click and Triple-Click Settings

Things happen much quicker with the new Home button, especially with the double and triple-click features. If you feel things are moving too quickly, consider slowing down the click speed. You can do so in the Settings app under General > Accessibility > Home Button.


The Apple iPhone 7 iMessages

iMessage capabilities will always be one of the top innovations of Apple that sets them apart from competitors, and the new iMessage features are no exception.

iMessage Effects

By pressing down on the blue ‘send’ icon before sending a message, you can add an effect for the recipient to see. These include Invisible Ink, Gentle, Loud, and Slam – all of which are as cool as they sound.

Apps for iMessage

With the new app store for iMessage, you can download games to play in the Messages app, stickers, icons, and more to share with your friends through iMessage.

Send Media Directly

If you send music through the Music App or a YouTube link to a friend, they can listen or watch it without leaving the conversation.

Music App

Apple is constantly improving their Music App.

Search Lyrics

You can search for your favorite new song’s lyrics without leaving the Music App now by just selecting the ‘Lyrics’ option when it’s available.

Today Screen

Swiping all the way to the left, either from the lock screen or home screen, will display your Today screen. This screen shows all of the information you want at your fingertips.


The Today screen now offers more customization with widgets like Weather, Calendar, News, Stocks, etc. You can super customize these iPhone widgets also put the in whatever order you want.