3 wearable devices designed to keep women safe

Angus McGywer was a popular television show in the 80s, where they used a variety of tools to help Mcgywer and his friends escape from dangerous situations. Back in the day, McGywer was the epitome of cool to a large section of the American population. People marvelled at his abilities and his ingenuity in saving his skin through cool gadgets.

Many fashionable wearable technology devices have been inspired by McGywer including Inspector Gadget in 2017. Everybody can become a McGywer with these three interesting and handy tools that can save your neck when you are in trouble.

1.Stiletto Charms

These charms resemble those from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and they complement almost all outfits and using the Stiletto mobile app the user can set up an emergency profile, set up emergency contacts, plan a route and keep an eye on the battery level of a device. Stiletto Charms are quite effect as it one of the few fashionable wearable technology devices able reaches 911 numbers in the US automatically. They have an interactive voice alert system that keeps the user safe when they are not able to speak.

2.ROAR Athena

Roar created their first product, Athena, that helps women seek help through a simple method. When users, press the alarm that is built into Athena it activates a loud alarm that alerts them in the case of dangers.

This fashionable wearable technology are usually attached to a necklace, but it can also be used in a purse. It is a handy little tool for women to keep themselves safe on the streets or when they are in an emergency. Roar Athena has gone a long way in keeping women safe.

fashionable wearable technology

3. Revolar

The oval shaped Revolar is a very interesting little gadget that MacGywer would have been proud of. It slips quite easily into the jeans or a pocket and it works based on how it’s pressed.

When pressed twice, this fashionable wearable technology sends a ‘yellow alert’ to designated contacts; they receive a text message with the user’s location and a message saying the user feels unsafe.

A triple-press sends a ‘red alert’ which indicates the user is in need of serious help. Revolar requires no extra app download—just the appropriate contact information. Revolar is very useful to people when they are caught in nasty situations with no one to reach out to.

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The rise of fashionable wearable technology

There are other gadgets that help in a variety of ways. Take Fake TV which simulates the glare of a television when nobody is home and makes it look as if someone is always in the house.

Security studies have repeatedly shown that burglaries usually occur after the thieves have observed the house from a distance for many days and make their move after observing the patterns and movements of the owner of the house.

FakeTV keeps changing the glare throughout the day and it makes it look as if there is a person inside the house all day long. It also consumes less power, making it perfect for those who plan to go on long vacations.

With the rise of Internet of Things, we can expect a lot of interesting wearables to invade our living rooms in a variety of interesting ways. We are finally immersed in McGwyer’s world and we might as well get the gadget savvy or risk getting outdated.

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