Ellp: Automation app that brings comfort and convenience to your PCs life


At least once in your life, the management skills you have opted for may include a life activity journal or diary to keep track of what you need to get done and that which you have accomplished. However, not all that you jot down on paper automatically gets done. You need to physically and religiously swift through the pages regularly to keep up with what needs to be done.

The above case study reverberates what modern day personal computers are subjected to. From performing a wide range of activities, to keeping track of your daily activity logs, to storing your files; your PC is the perfect teammate that you could dream to have in your corner.

Never-the-less, managing these activities may present an unwelcome headache. With each activity requiring different device settings and interactions, which by any standard, is cumbersome!

Enter the ELLP Application

To put you out of this personal computer management misery, a team of technology devotees from Malta deem fit to present you with a one stop shop app to intelligently and efficiently manage your PC. With the aptly christened Ellp application, you can tailor make your device to automatically execute desired actions in a timely fashion.

Borrowing heavily from the principle of “if-this-then program logic”. For example, if your disk drive (storage capacity) is full, then initiate disk clean up. The beauty of it is that the entire process is automated!

The Magic of the Card System

The nerve center of the Ellp application is fashioned out of a card system. By the time of composing this article, Ellp had 13 automated card actions. The numbers could have changed as the program is still a work in progress. I digress. Apologies.

As earlier indicated, the program works on the principle akin to the “If This, Then That logic.” All that you need to do is select the desired action card and customize it to your own preference. When the hour comes, voila! Your set action will automatically be executed without the need of a reminder.

Sounds great? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Why don you take a shot at it. It’s absolutely free. Indeed, “the best things in life are for free!”

The oversimplification of the card system is the cherry on the cake for the Ellp app. The Ellp app is categorized into six actionable cards under the sub-headings: all, devices, Internet, storage, privacy and schedule.

Of specific mention would be the Internet icon option. It’s an ingenious addition in that it allows the possibility of interaction with other online programs; such as, favorite music and video websites, as well as Facebook.

Upon customizing your Facebook Ellp settings, you will be in a position to automatically download and store pictures that you have been tagged in by your friends. No happy Facebook moment will get by unnoticed with Ellp!

The Salient Features That Make Ellp Click

Ellp is designed to be initiated in three easy to follow steps. That is, peruse through the cards, customize the card settings based on your preferences and the rest will automatically fall in place. For cards that don’t impress, you need not activate them. The freedom of choice is at your fingertips!

A light weight app that actually gets the job done without the uncalled for freezing of your computer running programs. In addition to that, owing to the ability to alter the setting of your PC concerned with memory and processing ability, your PC is bound for a remarkable performance improvement.

Working akin to system performance utility tool, Ellp performs disk clean ups and prevents duplication of files. Consequently, it ensures that you never run out of storage space.

If you loathe dialogue boxes that keep on prompting for next action, a hallmark of many apps, then Ellp is just what the doctor prescribes. With automated actionable instructions, there are no pop up dialogue boxes or command lines interrupts. All you need to do is to click and the rest is history.

Points of Regret

A major area of concern about the Ellp app is the limited actionable items offered by the cards. However, this is a BETA program (pilot test program), meaning there is a lot of room for improvement.

The choice of wordings of some cards is also suspect. For instance “When I plug in my headphones, play some music”. This is misleading since the headphones initiate the opening of a specific website (Netflix and YouTube) rather than playing music! Though not the real deal, it brings you closer to your final destination.

Parting Shot

Ellp stays true to the creators’ value of universalizing the concept of PC automation in its basic form to suit all users regardless of their training background.

So, if you are looking for comfort and hustle free PC life without the day-to-day schedules, then the Ellp application is just what you need. To clear any consumer doubts, see what others have to say about the app before you install your own copy.

This is a sponsored post written by Sanvada on behalf of www.ellp.com. All opinions are 100% ours.



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