3 New Japanese Gadgets that nobody told you about 

noiseless karoeke

Japanese Gadgets have enamored us with their creations for quite some time. From the super-useful to the ‘what the…’, many crazy gadgets have come out of the small island. While we also have some great American-made innovations, we tend to think pretty basic and black-and-white. Luckily for us, we can still enjoy many of the colorful creations our Japanese friends have to offer.

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There are so many, though, that many of them haven’t been discovered yet! Here are a few Japanese gadgets you haven’t heard of:

Nail Stickers… That Light Up

Japanese Gadgets

These LED Light-up Nail Stickers by Lumi Deco are quite possibly the coolest Japanese Gadgets for you to show off your style using only your fingertips. You don’t even need a battery. The stickers work using Near Field Communication (NFC).

As long as your smartphone is nearby and running Lumi Deco’s free accompanying app, your nails is light up forever! In the app, which is only available for Android devices (and it’s in Japanese), you can also customize the patterns in which the stickers light up. The 16-count pack is available in six different designs, all of which are guaranteed to draw attention your way.

Tamagotchi 4U Japanese Gadgets

Japanese Gadgets

Did you have a Tamagotchi way back when? The little interactive digital pet was all fun and games until it died because you forgot to feed it, or maybe because you didn’t love it enough. Well it’s time to relive those wonder years with the company’s new version, Tamagotchi 4U.

This version is a lot like the original, except now it has features like NFC-compatibility, which allows your pet to interact with others and get you points that you can use to dress your pet however you want! There are also more characters.

With your Tamagotchi 4U, you get ten characters to start with, then you can earn another ten by playing the games on the device. The Tamagotchi 4U is available for $64 here.

Noiseless Karaoke Mute Mic… 2

Japanese Gadgets

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Wait. Backup. This is the second version? That’s right, the Noiseless Karaoke Mute Mic 1 did so well, they invented a second-generation mic, too! If you are a die-hard fan of karaoke, whether it’s in a bar full of your fellow intoxicated friends or in the shower while you sing along to a Taylor Swift instrumental version on ‘Bad Blood,’ but want to sing to where no one can hear your voice, the Noiseless Karaoke Mic 2 is for you.

Just plug your earphones into the device and put it up to your mouth (totally sanitary, right?), then you’re good to go!

With the stresses of real life, gadgets like these are great ways to take our mind off things for a while. So if you want to set a trend with LED nail stickers, play against your friends with your Tamagotchi pet, or have silent karaoke date night with your significant other, check out these devices to bring a little fun to your day!