The photosynthesis of a tech start-up

Plants grow by way of three resources, soil, water and sunlight. In the same way technology grows and evolves by way of a work environment, funding, and public exposure. The company is a seed.

For a tech start-up to flourish, it must have the right balance and allocation of resources. Without the correct ratio distribution of each resource, the start-up will fail to produce a user-friendly and profitable product. The majority of start-ups are underfunded, have too much exposure, or fail to garner the nutrients needed to grow the company at a sustainable pace.

The start-up is a seed. Each seed is an idea. The concept is programmed at an atomic level within the seed, and determines the potential for what the start-up may grow into. If the concept behind the start up is akin to a kale seed, the populous will recognizes its value, and it will flourish.

If the concept for the company is for an app called the fart counter, which counts your farts, geo-tag where they happened, and what time of day, chances are the seed’s concept did not possess the adequate potential to become a flourishing business. If by chance someone reads this article, and creates the fart app, which then becomes a multinational corporation, I would appreciate a little kick back for giving you the concept.

The idea behind the seed dictates its potential. The concept’s potential draws to it the necessary resources needed for it to grow. It’s that simple.

First Step: Start up companies

The first step in nourishing the seed of a start-up, is choosing where to plant it. Work environment is akin to the garden in which the seed is sewn. The work environment and the seed’s potential attracts the soil or employees in which the start-up will be planted in.

Creating a healthy work environment is the first level of nourishment necessary for success. When the work force of a company is provided a healthy, productive work environment, the research and development in relationship to potential innovation and output increases.

You need a good seed, to create a good garden, to attract the talented and capable workforce necessary for success. By creating a positive work environment, a company will seduce the creative and competent employees necessary to cultivate the technology it strives to generate.

It’s not all about the money

Funding is like the water which nourishes the start-up, stimulates its work force, and circulates the innovations throughout the body of the company. The funding a start-up generates is directly correlated to the value of the concept backing it.

The funding stimulates the employees innovation and increases their work ethic. Money energizes the nutrient rich employees to create the lifeblood of the plant. Funding circulates and evenly distributes ideas and innovations, throughout the body of the start-up, ensuring its success.

The publicity

Public exposure is akin to the sun. Maintaining a positive public persona, and limiting the amount of public exposure, is essential for steady organic cultivation. If a start-up is fed a commensurate balance of necessary resources, it will grow at a sustainable rate.

Too much public exposure will burn the start-up and the concept will shrivel and die. Public exposure in excess, puts pressure on the start-up’s product to go to market sooner than it probably should. There are always growing pains associated with developing a start-up.

The same is true of maintaining success once it is obtained. A particular amount of resources must be used to maintain the public’s perception of a company. Donating to sham charities, having your employees jumping off the rooftop of a manufacturing facility, mass coverups and censorship of criticism on reddit, all of these factors can contribute to the downfall of a prosperous company. Public perception and exposure is essential for success.

With the proper care, upkeep and patience, your start-up will thrive. Eventually it will become an invasive species, spreading from continent to continent and stamping out all of the natural competing vegetation which gets in its way. Good luck.


  1. So simple yet so profound. Articles like this are game-changers. Never going to forget this metaphor.


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