The Facebook ‘Dislike’ button is not what users thought it would be

As they say… If it’s not on Facebook, it never happened! It has been a long time of travels, dinners, dates, parties, and a whole bunch of indoor and outdoor adventures and experiences worthy of Facebook posting.

At least it was of enough importance to their developers for noticing their audience wanted to express themselves with more than just a single thumbs up “Like,”as if we were robots.

Living in a techie environment where we won’t ever experience a lot outside the world of digital “Likes;”only emojis have evolved enough to make us express and signify our virtual voice.

The crowds were claiming it —not only haters, to be stressed— but the crowds throughout the Internet. So, after years Facebook finally took pity on us and gave us a taste of the yearned ‘No‘ switch: Imagen relacionada*… rumble of drums* the Dislike button!

Are We Humans, Or Are We Dancers Haters?

So it finally arrived, and I guess everybody wondered if the wait was worth it because it seems all is a bit confusing; considering it was not what we weren’t expecting but also the contrary. What a conundrum, ha!

After the reaction menu, Facebook included negative emotions like ‘sad’ and ‘angry,’ but they were very explicit in their lack of desire for a straight-up dislike button. After all, Zuckerberg and his team know to be on top, they have to constantly keep innovating. This includes coddling their people once in a while; now we are able to ‘thumb-down’ at least vía Messenger chat.Nevertheless, it is only available to some users and is a trial. So, it’s only a matter of time until its official implementation.

Some Fondness to their Chatting Tool

Resultado de imagen para facebook messenger dislike

It is about strategy as well. Boosting the Messenger tool with Reactions, the better Facebook can compete with other giants like Snapchat or Whatsapp. Some years ago when Facebook was launched, the process of sending messages was a bit complicated and felt almost like sending a letter vía owl in Harry Potter’s world. Many people were not growing together with the social network for chat preferences.

Facebook, Why… NOT?

In words of the one and only, Zuckerberg,

“Some people have asked for a dislike button because they want to be able to say, “That thing isn’t good.” That’s not something that we think is good. We’re not going to build that, and I don’t think there needs to be a voting mechanism on Facebook about whether posts are good or bad. I don’t think that’s socially very valuable or good for the community to help people share the important moments in their lives.”

Does it make sense? I hope you thought it out because having in mind that the world is full of bad news everyday —even on the timeline of the blue social network— to only add more bad vibes is to promote something the world obviously does not need.

Now we know why he was the successful one on creating a digital exclusive place for mates to stay connected and foster friendship!

It’s not coming to Facebook. Get over it.


Readers: Do you still think Facebook should have a “Dislike” button?




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