Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be Released Earlier to Offset Gap in the Product Line

The Galaxy Note 8 is the most anticipated device of 2017. When the Note 7 was forced to halt production after some reports of battery explosion leading to a recall, it was a major setback for Samsung. The objective is to redeem its name with the success of the soon to be revealed dev

Traditionally, Samsung unveils the new Galaxy Note flagship annually at the IFA tradeshow which is in early September. For the past few years, it has announced its version of the Galaxy Note in August ahead of the new iPhone which is revealed a month later in mid-September or early October.

As such, the most likely release date for the Galaxy Note 8 would be August 2017; though there are many factors which are implying an earlier release date.  For one, the discontinued Note 8 was a failure and hit the bottom line quite hard.

The firm may release the Note 8 much earlier than usual to fill the gap in the product line and remove focus from the failings of the Note 7. To this regard, some are claiming the Note 8 may be released in late March along with the Samsung Galaxy S8, though this comes from the idea the company will release two devices which could either be variations of the S8 or the Note 8.


The Samsung S8 is rumored to have a bigger and safer battery as compared to the predecessor. It is also going to sport a voice-activated assistant as is the case with Apple’s devices going by the name of Bixby.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 undoubtedly comes with better performance and features. There are reports the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be equipped along with Qualcomm’s bleeding edge, the Snapdragon 835 and 64 GB of storage and 6GB RAM.

It may also have a 6.2 to 6.4-inch screen and a super AMOLED 4K display. The Note family is best known for the large, high-resolution screens and the S-Pen stylus support. Reports suggest it is going to have an upgrade and integrate a new speaker.

Apparently, a patent was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office for the new stylus. It claims when the pen is stored within the body of the Galaxy Note, the speaker which is within the pen shaft comes along with sound through the pen and exists at the top of the pen via a new speaker.

So when the pen is removed from the device, the sound travels from the internal speaker through the pen shaft opening. What is for certain is the Note 8 is going to come available with the same software as the Galaxy S8. This means the Android Nougat, TouchWiz, and now Bixby AI assistant. New details have been coming out concerning the Artificial Intelligence assistant designated to the Note 8, and it could be available with male or female voices.

Potential Downside

Despite this improvement, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a disadvantage which could affect public perception.

The Note 7 was quite expensive, and with the outstanding specs of the Note 8, there is a chance the price may be higher than the last one. Samsung should review its pricing considering this could be a turning point for clientele in buying the Note 8. This is because safety issues from the Note 7 have affected the follower’s trust issues but considering the specifications of the new phone, they may reconsider.




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