Taking Automated Electric Vehicles to the Next Level With Tesla Model 3

When the Great Benjamin Franklin invented electricity, his idea was, basically, to light people’s homes. He would be amazed by the way his invention has improved the way of life. One of the fields that have greatly benefited from the invention is the automobile industry; one of the benefactors being Tesla.

Well on the 24th day of March 2017, there was an online uproar caused by an announcement made by Elon Musk. So how did the Tesla CEO achieve this? Simple, he took to his Twitter handle and posted a six-second video of the `Release Candidate’ on taking a short drive.

The release candidate, as Musk calls it, is the long-awaited New Model 3. For the thousands of individuals who were thrilled by the New Tesla, Model 3 prototype expect nothing less but the best. The likes of Model X- the first electric SUV to be manufactured- clearly shows that Tesla does deliver the unimaginable.

From the sound of things, Musk told Tesla enthusiasts of the model commencing its manufacture this summer. Also anticipated is the introduction of the car before the end of 2017. The CEO, on his tweets, gave a hint of some of the awesome features you’ll find in the Tesla Model 3. So let me walk you through some of the sophisticated features that make this machinery one to reckon with.

Autonomous Capability

The trend set by the Tesla manufacturer has lately seen the likes of Model S and X fitted with self- driving hardware. This hardware enables the car to have an automobile mode. How cool is this? Just get yourself in and the machinery will do the rest for you. How is this achieved? As you may have noticed in the quick video, the car is fitted with cameras on the sides of its shell. These play a role in relaying information to the hardware that controls the car to the intended destination.

High Performance And Rechargeable Battery

Worried about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a low charge battery? Then trouble no more as the New Model 3 is installed with a long lasting and rechargeable battery pack. The 75km/h battery provides the much-needed power in achieving a 0-60km/h acceleration in under a time frame of six seconds. The battery is an upgrade of the previous Tesla models if the dissipated energy density is anything to go by.

Powered  To Cover An Extra Mile

The Tesla Model 3 is also able to cover 310 miles per charge; a thumbs up when it comes to competition. The Chevy bolt model has a 60km/h battery that covers 240 miles per charge.


When it comes to movement, speed, and direction of the wind, car manufacturers have to design shapes that make it is easy to drive against such dynamics. The New Model 3 has wrapped up this simple, but yet fundamental, principle of aerodynamics through the panoramic windshield screens fitted at both extreme ends of the vehicles posterior and anterior faces. Not only does the screens reduce friction but also provides a spectacular view for its occupants.

The Point Where Safety Intersect With Elegance

“Better safe than to be sorry is an old adage that Tesla automobile takes a keen interest as exemplified by the latest kid on the block – Model 3. The New Model 3 has automatic emergency braking, expansive shield among others. Another great feature you should anxiously look forward to enjoying is the automated doors. Accustomed to pushing the handle in order to unlock doors, poof! Away with that. Just walk next to the car and door pops open. The sonar fitted sensors detect your motion as you approach the vehicle and consequently initiate the opening of the car door. Hustle free.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Too High For Its Peers

The owners will also notice a single touch screen display at the center of the dashboard. This screen enables you to virtually connect all vehicle functions by just a touch. Here’s the sweet twist to it, a shift from the traditional design of the dashboard. His argument is based on the autonomy the car will enjoy. Indeed in one of his tweets, he poses a rhetorical question that, “How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?”

The audacious set deadlines and units that Tesla envisions to produce, if it comes to pass, will outpace the total number of all electric cars sold globally last year.

Already, Tesla is rewriting the rules of car launches be skipping the consumer trial version. There is more to the choice of the words of christening Model 3  in his six-second video as the release candidate.  Software developers use the same name to signal a version that is almost ready for public consumption.

Plans to give Tesla employees the first glimpse of the Model 3 is also another ingenious master stroke. What this simply means is that Model 3 will have a shortened test period, as well as a vigorous internal troubleshooting of the probable faults before mass roll out to the public.

We can only speculate and join the dots that Elon Musk draws through his Twitter handle. Only time will tell the beauty of the Model 3 when it fist rolls out, possibly in the fourth quarter of the year.

Hold your breath for the completion of the sexy Tesla Model Series: Model Y.

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  1. The Model 3 looks really amazing and there are surely a lot of incentives to purchase it. I am concerned, however, of Musk’s ultra-ambitious launch plan. His goal is to build 500k by the end of 2018 which is 5x as much as the current Tesla models on the market. While its low cost is appealing, it’s still has much as a BMW or Mercedes. Virtually every Wall Street analyst agrees, Tesla will not be able to sell half a million electric cars next year. (http://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Is-Elon-Musks-Model-3-Production-Plan-Too-Ambitious.html)


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