Clash Royale Releases 2v2 Team Battle Mode

Clash Royale, one of the highest ranked mobile games of the moment, teased its users over the weekend by allowing players to engage in friendly 2 versus 2 battles for a limited time. This new battle mode, announced a few weeks ago, breeds new life and excitement into one of the most competitive games in the mobile gaming industry.

Clash Royale: The Game

Clash Royale is a mobile strategy game released by Finnish mobile giant Supercell on March 2016. The game quickly gained popularity and rose to establish itself as one of the highest grossing players in the market. By combining card collection with real-time multiplayer battles, Clash Royale delivers an addictive gaming experience that continues to attract new users each month. With over 100 million downloads, Apple went on to praise Clash Royale as “Best Iphone game of 2016”.

The simple purpose of the game is to increase player ranking by winning battle trophies. Players design their battle decks by choosing 8 cards out of 70 different cards available. Each card has an “elixir value” which determines the amount of elixir, or battle fuel, required to summon the card to the battlefield. The elixir bar completely regenerates every 28 seconds and determines how many cards can be summoned by the player.

The battle deck is used to defend the player’s 3 battle towers and to attack your opponent’s battle towers. The player with the most standing towers is the winner of the battle. Timing and managing elixir is vital for winning.

Clash Royale Battle Deck

Players increase and upgrade their card’s level by collecting new cards and gold from battle chests. Battle chests are won from battles and through other various means, such as challenges and tournaments, and they are unlocked with the progression of time. Players can purchase gems to open chests instantly and play challenges for larger prices. Upgrading cards will allow the player to have stronger battle decks, win more battles, and rise in ranking.

Team Clan Battles – The new 2v2 multiplayer mode

Until now, players could join battle clans for requesting and donating cards and for friendly battles. The new update, however, allows fellow clan members to team up and fight side by side against two other random team opponents. This allows for thrilling, action-packed battles with infinite strategical possibilities. The new battle mode has received positive reviews and high user approval since it offers extremely fun gameplay.

Players should not get too used to the 2v2 battle mode, however, since Supercell announced that the game mode will only be available every other weekend for Clan Battle Chest. On the positive side, this will allow users to have something to look forward and keeps the game interesting and fresh.

Clash Royale’s formula for success

Supercell is constantly adding new cards, chests, and updates that keep the game interesting and refreshing. While it may seem as a simple, childish game at first glance, Clash Royale quickly develops into a complex game.

Accurate knowledge of card strengths and behavior plays a vital role in the player’s progression, since there are infinite battle deck combinations. This makes the game extremely competitive and adds depth to the overall gaming experience. Clash Royale is also social-focused since linking your account with Facebook allows you to play friendly battles with your friends.

By combining simplicity with extremely fine-tuned core gameplay and infinite deck possibilities, Clash Royale continues to attract both casual and hardcore gamers. As long as Supercell continues to deliver new content and updates that keep the game fresh and addicting, they will continue to be successful in the mobile gaming industry.

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