Review: Caddell Prep’s Online Test Preparation Provides Better Access to Learning

For any student, test taking can be quite an obstacle. Your knowledge and skills are on display, and the answers you write on a piece of paper could impact the future of your education drastically. Studying helps, but sometimes it’s not enough. Either you have trouble with concentration, or you can’t quite grasp the concept of the lesson at hand.

Test preparation assists students who need more guidance or learning time, and Caddell Prep is using its online platform to expand to communities nationwide and ensure more students are equipped with the necessary knowledge to take on the world.

Founded by Glen Caddell, a former employee of an NYC engineering firm, the tutoring center offers a new approach to learning and test preparation.

After Caddell had tutored students in the Staten Island area for a few years, he started to record his lessons to avoid having to repeat the same curriculum over and over.

This medium gave Caddell and his team more time for one-on-one instruction, and also made the lessons available to any student who needed them at any given time.

Taking Test Preparation from the Classroom to Online

The instructors’ ability to understand the possibilities that come with tutoring eventually led to shifting how they teach students and offer services that are not available through other programs or centers.

By providing an online test preparation program that grants access to more students, Caddell Prep has taken on some very unfamiliar territory.

The program offers tutoring in both High School and College Admissions Exams, as well as, New York State’s Regent Exams for students within the area.

The high school and college exams range from SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Tests), TACHS (Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools), the SAT, and even a specialized course in SAT Mathematical Fundamentals.

The online test preparation has received a lot of great feedback since Caddell Prep first launched it. Jean Kearns, a parent in the New York area, loved using the program. According to Kearns’ review, “The lesson videos were great reviews, and the practice questions were very helpful. My daughter could work at her own pace and on her own schedule. She received a $5000 scholarship to her first choice school, and was admitted to all three schools she applied to, which was exactly what we had hoped for.”

The online program is revolutionary in that it offers so much to students who choose to, or otherwise need to, study these exams remotely. For parents, the program is also very affordable. If you are spending such a significant amount of time and resources getting your child ready to experience life as an adult as best as you can, things like expensive test preparation courses should not stand in the way of their future.

When you sign up for the online software, you become part of your child’s education, and I can’t think of any student who wouldn’t love for their parent to be just as engaged in the process as they are.

How It Works

The test preparation is made up of several different modules that pertain to various lessons in Scrambled Paragraphs, Logic, and Reading, and Mathematics. Each of these modules has subsequent units that break up the lesson even more. For instance, the first module in the SHSAT curriculum is titled “SHSAT Math 01.”

Under that module, two units are present. Unit 1: SHSAT Math Lesson 01 is an introduction to the lesson, and Unit 2: Math Lesson 01 Practice: Integers puts the lesson into practice. Inside of each unit, the student is given a thorough explanation of directions and expectations before moving forward.

As each unit is completed, it is marked as complete to show each student’s progress along the way.

By breaking down each test preparation lesson, Caddell Prep is making it easier to teach and to learn. Overall, there are 22 modules under the SHSAT curriculum. As each SHSAT practice test is completed, the student’s scores are compiled to show exactly where they stand in regards to grasping the information and putting it to optimal use.

The student is able to take the SHSAT practice exam twice to compare their growth between the first and second tests further. These scores are also used as positive reinforcement to show the student their capabilities in learning and comprehension.

Other Services Offered By Caddell Prep

If you live in the Staten Island area, your child can participate in the in-person tutoring that is offered at Caddell Prep’s campus. Each class has only eight students. “The small class size allows each student to receive the instructor’s attention, as well as allowing students the ability to ask questions during class,” says the staff.

Throughout the in-person tutoring, the students are given lessons that go along with the curriculum they need to learn for the tests, as well as practice tests to ensure the students are ready before taking the actual exam.

Online math homework help is also available at no cost. If your child needs extra guidance in certain courses, or just needs a repeat lesson or two, the online math homework portal is a great tool to use.

Caddell Prep grades every assignment and gives it back to the student with very detailed notes and explanations, so all of the stress and uncertainty is no longer an issue. Not only does Caddell Prep have high school and college level math help available, but they also offer elementary math lessons for fractions, percentages, order of operations and more.

It’s no doubt that Glyn Caddell and the rest of the Caddell Prep team take test preparation, and education as a whole, to heart.

As more students can take advantage of services offered by the tutoring center, both in-person and online, we can expect that the impact on each child’s education and learning ability will be significant.

You can check out the Caddell Prep online test prep platform here:

Online Test Prep+Test Prep & Math Tutorials

*This is a sponsored post written by Sanvada on behalf of Caddell Prep. All opinions expressed are 100% ours. 



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