Microsoft Azure Brings New Security Features

Microsoft knows the importance of the Internet of Things, and as such, the company is pushing forward to make sure it’s not left behind when this piece of technology takes off in a huge way. The company’s trump card here is no other than Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing suite.

Microsoft Azure is right up there with the likes of Amazon and Google’s cloud platforms. In many ways, it’s probably the better option of them all. With Azure being a solid kit, the software giant has since added several IoT related features, and one of them is security.

According to Microsoft via the official Azure blog, the company’s cloud platform now supports Device Identity Composition Engine (DICE) and several different types of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). These additions are necessary for secure IoT deployments; something developers should find exciting.

Now, DICE is relatively new, but it’s viewed as an upcoming standard designed for device identification. Apparently, developers could use DICE to create device identification at the hardware level, ultimately making security an essential aspect of the hardware’s DNA.

To get the support up to a satisfactory level, Microsoft is working with several hardware partners to deploy support for various Hardware Secure Modules.

“HSMs offer resistant and resilient hardware root of trust in IoT devices. The Azure IoT platform transparently integrates HSM support with platform services like Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning and Azure IoT Hub Device Management, thereby enabling customers and developers to focus more on identifying specific risks associated with their applications and less on security deployment tactics,” according to Microsoft via the official Azure blog.

We know IoT devices are prone to spoofing and remote hacking, but with HSM in place, developers can have a more secure sense of thinking when it comes down to deploying services through Azure.

From what Microsoft has to say, it seems the company had the option to create a better security product. However, going this route would increase cost, and that’s something the company has no intention to do at this moment. Henceforth, the decision was made to go for a cheaper solution.

Here’s the thing, we can’t say for certain how secure Microsoft’s Azure is at the moment for IoT developers. What we can say is this, the journey has only begun, and with time, we’ll see better security. For this to happen, the IoT industry will need to undergo a massive change designed to boost growth.

Certainly, we’re looking at the next billion dollar industry in the making.

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