3 Connected Kitchen Appliances You Never Knew Existed

The kitchen is one of the places within the home where we tend to venture on a daily basis. It’s a must as it’s where the food is located. Now, if we look at our daily lives, almost everything is connected, so what if the same could be said about our kitchen?

Over the past decade, we’ve seen the rise of several smart appliances for the home. Whether it be cleaning robots or smart bulbs, companies from around the world have made countless attempts to smarten the home. However, we believe the journey to the smart home begins in the kitchen, the spot where the magic happens.

The ability to sit back and control various devices in your kitchen via a smartphone or computer should entice anyone who isn’t afraid of progressing forward where technology is concerned. The current crop of products isn’t perfect, but with time, the future will produce smart kitchen appliances designed to blow our minds to smithereens.

An oven known as June

Here’s the thing folks, not everyone knows how to cook, and as such, will probably burn the food if asked to use an oven. But what if there was an oven with the ability to tell what type of food is inside, and capable of suggesting how to cook it?

Such a cooking utensil does exist, and it’s called the June. This bad boy comes with a high definition camera on the inside for the sole purpose of recognizing your food. The product is from Panasonic, and costs $1,495 to own, which is quite expensive for an oven.

We like the GeniCan

There are times when we forget to repurchase the things we use in the kitchen. Take a trip to the nearest supermarket, and for some reason, you didn’t buy any eggs. The big question is, how can this problem be put to rest?

In comes the GeniCan to the rescue, a cool piece of hardware designed for the garbage can. Yes, the user must attach the kit to the trash can or bag, as the product has the ability to scan barcodes of used items.

When throwing away used food-related items, scan the barcodes with GeniCan and right away, the system adds them to your personal shopping list for reordering. Now, if there’s no barcode, worry not. Just enter the item by voice and away you go.

The cost for the device is $140. Bear in mind; it is currently in pre-production.

The impressive Hestan Cue

What if it were possible to control the temperature of your cooking stove via an app? It is with the Hestan Cue, a small electric stove that generates heat through magnetics. The device is one of the must have connected kitchen utensils for folks who are still learning to cook seeing as it comes with a host of recipes.

The price is $549, which is quite a lot for a small electric stuff that connects to the web. However, the option to monitor heat with an app and video recipes could be the defining features for some.

Overall, these are just the first wave of truly connected kitchen devices, and no doubt, they will get better with time.

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