Amazon Echo Look Could Become the Next Major Privacy Nightmare

Amazon has been getting its hands in several departments lately. One of the company’s newest success stories is the Echo, a device designed as a smart speaker for the living room, kitchen, and other parts of the home.

The company has decided to take this one-step further with the Echo Look, a camera with the ability to become the next big thing in fashion. Yes, the Echo Look rates the look of its owner along with cataloging outfits for any form of event.

How does it work?

The device uses machine-learning algorithms along with the help from several fashion experts to keep users in the know when it comes to fashion. Folks who are not well versed in fashion can get the best advice without having to rely on family and friends. Let’s face the truth here, family and friends don’t always reveal the truth.

Users will only need to stand in front of the Amazon device to have it take pictures and short videos to come up with the best fashion look. Now, that’s where we have a problem, and we’re confident many others will feel the same when we consider the state of connected devices today, especially those with cameras.

Keep an eye out for significant privacy concerns

With the attached camera on the Echo Look, it’s likely some users may have huge privacy concerns going forward. Bear in mind, the device is connected to the web, and as such, cyber criminals could find a way to gain access to the data collected by the Echo Look for disastrous reasons.

Nevertheless, that’s not the only thing users should worry about. You see, Amazon has several partners in the advertisement industry, so what’s stopping the company from selling data? After all, advertisers do have an idea of what to sell consumers, especially women.

We’re living in a time where data is crucial to companies and cyber criminals. No doubt Amazon will have use of the information gathered by the Echo Look, but what the company plans to do with them is still left up in the air.

One thing is for certain, however, is the fact that Amazon has yet to come out with a statement to reassure its users that it does not intend to take advantage of whatever material gathered by the device.

Should this latest piece of hardware from Amazon takes off; we’ll have to contend with yet another potentially dangerous device within our homes. Only time will tell what happens in the long term.

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