Designer Brands Are Becoming Competitors for Fashionable Wearables

Throughout the last decade, wearables such as Smartwatches and various types of Activity Trackers seem to have taken on a life of their own. In the beginning, as manufacturers were developing the prototypes for these devices, they were more concerned with designing for functionality.

Now that manufacturers have perfected these designs and new competitors have entered the market, we’ve seen these types of devices take shape as more fashionable accessory pieces.

Jawbone, Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, and even Garmin have been popular competitors. Each of them have fought to keep up with one another, but now aesthetics are becoming an area of focus for all competitors.

For example, Apple’s smartwatch comes with several stylish options with different types of bands. Even Jawbone’s latest models come in different colors to match the colors of the seasons. Designer brands are boarding the wearable technology craze.

Below are examples of discreetly functional wearables that don’t seem to compromise aesthetics. Read on to discover how designer brands are making waves as newer competitors in the wearable industry.

Five Top Picks for Fashionable and Discreet Wearables

Now, we are finally beginning to see some new, unexpected competitors really emerging in the industry. Here are a few of the most discreetly functional and chic options on the market right now for both men and women:

The Fossil Gen 2 Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 2 Smartwatch

This Smartwatch is powered by Android Wear. It is equipped with a fitness tracker. With this sleek piece of wearable hardware you get social media and text notifications as well as calendar and app alerts. It also features Google Voice, Google Maps, and even allows you to control the music on your smartphone.

Tory Burch Fitbit Collaboration

Source: Daily Front Row

Activity Trackers trade the functionality of fully integrated touch-screen interfaces for a more simplistic look. Even though fitness trackers are known for “keeping it simple,” they seem to make up for it by offering a more discreet option for those who have a desire to stay dedicated to their fitness goals without compromising their fashion senses.

This is a design that offers an appropriate balance between staying health conscious and providing an elegant-looking wearale conversation piece.

Even though she did not necessarily fully integrate typical smartwatch technology into her designs, Tory Burch created a line of extraordinary looking bracelets that perfectly cradle the Fitbit Flex 2. Refined variations of her embedded logo have made most of her designs almost unmistakable.

Michael Kors Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone Acetate Smartwatch

Michael Kors Smartwatch

This Smartwatch is also powered by Android Wear. Much like the Fossil Gen 2 Smartwatch, it serves as an activity tracker as well as a timepiece with all of the standard Smartwatch notification features and more. The rose gold band is identical to some of their other popular designs. This makes it almost indistinguishable as a standard timepiece.

Nokia Withings Activité Steel

Nokia Activite Fitness Tracker

This minimalist-style Activity Tracker syncs with a dedicated application called Health Mate to track your steps and your sleep cycles. This wearable is unique because it comes with a dedicated dial that indicates daily progress for meeting your fitness goals. This gives it a more subtle appearance, masking it to look more like an analogue watch.

Michael Kors Thompson Rose-Gold Tone Activity Tracker

Michael Kors Activity Tracker

This Activity Tracker is also designed to look more like a fancy bracelet. It comes with most standard activity tracking features, such as the ability to track your sleep cycles and steps.

It also features LED notifications to let you know your progress towards daily goals. With the accessible Michael Kors Link feature, you can even use this stylish bracelet to locate your phone, control your music, and as a remote to control your smartphone camera.

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These were some of my favorite picks right now. There are many more different options out there now though for fashionable devices. What are some of your favorites? Be sure to comment or post a link to some cool wearable designs you think should be featured, in the comments section at the bottom of the page to let us know about it.