‘Destiny 2’ Bypassing Steam For Battle.net Could Be A Disaster

Destiny 2” is coming to PC later this year after debuting first on consoles. Activision and Bungie promised players the game would have 4K support among other things, which are genuine reasons for PC gamers to be excited.

But there’s a slight problem, gamers on the PC platform who wants to take a shot at the new game will have no choice but to purchase and download the game from Battle.net. Furthermore, it’s the online platform of choice, and not everyone will be happy about it.

Activision and Bungie turn their backs on Steam

When it comes down to playing video games on the PC, for many, Steam is the best platform for this. Valve has proven itself as a trusted company for gamers, which is why Steam is the number one spot for players on Windows and Linux.

Now, one can understand why “Destiny 2” will bypass steam for Battle.net. The platform is now a central part of Activision, which is now legally called Activision Blizzard after the merger several years ago.

Battle.net in its own right is quite popular thanks to “World of Warcraft.” In addition, it’s also the home to “Overwatch” and “Diablo 3” so we can see it’s not a ghost town by any means. However, folks must consider that majority of PC gamers have a strong love for Steam, and as such, some might not feel the need to use another platform for the sake playing a single game.

For this very reason, “Destiny 2” might find itself in a peculiar position when it becomes available later this year. It will all boil down to whether or not players are willing to use Battle.net alongside Steam. If we look at the likes of Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, both have their respective platforms, but none has managed to gain a firm footing due to Steam users sticking to the market leader.

Release the game on Steam after Battle.net debut

Even Microsoft is back in the fray with its Windows Store, though the software giant is playing a different game. Here’s the thing, when Microsoft releases a game, it comes to both the Xbox One and Windows 10. The company is pushing its cross-play and cross-buy initiative with Xbox Play Anywhere and so far, things have been moving along just fine.

Still, the company has chosen to release some of its titles on Steam after a few months exclusive to the Windows Store. Activision and Bungie could do a similar thing, but we doubt that’s going to happen. “Destiny 2” would have to flop in terms of sales where the PC is concerned for it to ever come to Steam.

At the end of the day, “Destiny 2” could turn out to be such a splendid video game that many Steam gamers would take a chance to give Battle.net a test drive. We’d prefer that to be the case since Steam has a monopoly on the PC gaming market.