Instagram Demands Transparency From Sponsored Posts

Instagram is currently implementing a feature that will make it easier for influencers and their affiliates to connect. They are allowing small groups of community creators and businesses to test it out first.

Within these next few months, usability testing within these groups will determine when and if they will extend coverage to additional business partner relationships.instagram

A sub-heading stating “Paid partnership with” will indicating the name of the business partner’s account that is associated with the sponsored post.

These tags will begin to appear under the influencer’s username where the location tags currently exit.

Given recent events such as what was revealed in a recent article where it was reported that Kendall Jenner was paid $500,000 to promote an event that flopped horribly, it is easy to see why this feature might prevent these types of deceptive practices from happening.

Implementing this new feature will ultimately help Instagram users to avoid these types of situations in which it would have been nearly impossible to determine whether a celebrity post is a paid advertisement or not.dishonest marketing practices

This will help community creators and businesses to maintain transparency in their dealings with the public and make it easier for them to avoid violating laws set forth by the FCC.

As an added bonus, it will also provide insights on analytics to determine the effectiveness of a sponsored post or ad-campaign for both creators and businesses.

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