This Power Charger Can Charge 12 Devices at Once

Back in April, I decided to take my family on a vacation to beautiful San Francisco after scouring the Internet for great locations. The trip was filled with great food and plenty of memories. 

With vacations and a family with kids, comes all of the electronic devices. With all of the electronic devices comes with fighting over charging cables and ports. Now that everyone has at least one electronic device, there is never enough ports to charge all the devices at one time.

That is until the 12-in-one monster of a power charger was born! There is no denying that the CHARLIE 12-in-one mobile device charger is a quality product, but how does it stack up to the hundreds of other USB charging devices on the market? There are tons of genres of chargers out there to explore for different reasons.

There are the generic corded ones like the kind that come free with any phone, the wireless charging stations that work with only certain phones, and of course the ones that fit into the same category as CHARLIE; ones with multiple ports and/or outlets for maximum charging capabilities.

I looked around the world wide web as a whole, as well as, online superstore Amazon to see what everyone else has to offer. I then looked at word of mouth and complaints from actual users of these products. What I found was quite enlightening to say the least. 

The word around the Internet

When it comes to charging the most devices via USB, the biggest I could find was the 7-port USB hub from Kensington at a price of 50% more than CHARLIE. It also doubles as a data transferring device if you would need such things.

Over at Ebay, a company out of China simply called “repairmall2013” offers a tower-like 6-port charger in a variety of colors, but is best used for overnight charging thanks to the 0.5A power slots. I once ordered 3 flash drives through a company like this on eBay and sadly they wouldn’t work properly.

Best Buy had one the more interesting styles with their wall plate charger from Atomi that, when plugged into a standard wall outlet, looks just like it was a permanent fixture to the wall. It offers two high speed USB ports, two 3-prong outlets, and surge protection.

The Amazon is no place for chargers

Having been burned on several occasions with bad online shopping decisions on Amazon, I always do my research. I have noticed from reviews and Q&A sections that other multi-port chargers just don’t stack up with CHARLIE; either lower quality or not as efficient.

One example is the 4-in-one by Syncwire which gives you four USB plugs. Maybe you think that’s fine if you’re not charging anything requiring an actual outlet but only two of these ports are 2.4A so the remaining two will charge at a glacial pace. Besides, it’s phenomenally dull looking.

Now, if you’re looking for USB and three prong outlets in one device, then the pickings are slim. Amazon’s best seller is the Poweradd for international travel. This has two USB’s and two outlets but is really only useful if you have to go overseas because it offers 5 adaptors and no surge protection.

Lastly, the iClever Booststrip IC-BS02 has a little of both with four USB ports and three outlets, but there are a couple of catches. You have to be okay with it sitting directly on the floor or desk as it is five square inches and there is a switch so you can shut off the outlets and use only the ports for 3.0A.

A couple of products out of these 6 could work just fine if you have few mobile devices and have no need for outlets. When you really get down to it, CHARLIE is your best bet for either travel or just to place around your house. This amazing device will always have a place in my carry-on bag because it is invaluable and it keeps everyone happy and able to snap pics or play games in a long line with a full battery.

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