Apple’s Got A Summer Camp for Tomorrow’s Tech Geniuses

Who could guarantee your son isn’t the next Steve Jobs? Give your kids a chance, but directly from the iPhone creators. They are seeking creative children, and you’ll need to book only three days to have the time of your life on a family plan at the Apple Summer Camp.

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The Apple Store: more than a shop

So the 2k17 could be the year where Apple has decided to innovate at a whole new level. Technologically, managerially, and yet educationally speaking, just as never before Thumbs up for the captain of industry, Mr. Cook!

In fact, in a quick recap of events, we have seen techy post-weddings ceremonies, charity auctions for lunch with the CEO and other famous players in the company, and the resurrection of a fashion clothing line. We’ve also seen the opening of freelance job positions, and even some offers to go college for free with iPhone and Mac included under the tutorship of the Cupertino experts.

In such a way, to go forward lengthening the wacky list, this time the company is betting on the little, creative minds from 8 to 12 years old, through a free program summer proposal of three alternate days called the Apple Camp. There, accompanied by the parents or a guardian, the kids will dive into the world of making movies, composing musical stories, and coding games and robots in the best tradition of Apple.

Join them in a groundbreaking camping experience by reserving your place in here if you are close to an Apple Store within the United States. Otherwise, just look for the nearest Apple storeroom, since they will be the tech camping area for the worldwide experience. In any case, registrations are open so just be faster because it’s all free and space is limited!

The iPhone repair summer job wave, an unofficial Apple teenage work camp

Moreover, is there anything for teens? Although there’s no official Apple Camp for the youngsters, there has been a heavy demand on iPhone repairs according to the Wall Street Journal. So much so that guys like Grayson Shaw have reached to collect almost the modest amount of $ 24.000 during their summer holidays.

Actually, it makes sense, considering that everybody has an iPhone (which could suffer damage). In figures, last year Apple did celebrate the one billion iPhones sold. In a nutshell, all this translates in a single statement: the demand for iPhone repairs is so high that anyone who starts doing them has good benefit$.

Recently, Apple started distributing 400 machines to calibrate the iPhone to authorized centers around the world, looking forward to decongesting the Genius Bar. Nevertheless, they probably didn’t think that the competitors could be independent, motivated and talented teenagers, seeking for an extra incoming on their free time.

There’s an endless listing of astonishing stories like the one of Joseph Kokenge, an 18-year-old boy who learned how to repair iPhone watching YouTube videos and now is working on fixing them independently. Or perhaps Jack Hancock, who is only 15 years old and has broken two iPhone trying to repair them (but that does not stop him from trying) to name but few.

Apple Camp is more than the just a summer program

So finally, to take children into a tech camp might not be a bad idea; it could only lead to a happy ending like a job position warranted both independently or at a place like the one and only Apple Park.

On the other hand, becoming a geek camper from one of the top tech companies in the world could be a life changing experience your kids will thank you for life, perhaps through an exclusive app tribute. Or at the worst case, could make you fell in love even more with the company that you start considering joining the ranks.