Mystery Circle Found on Mars’ Surface Baffles Social Media

The red planet, Mars, is the place humans will likely populate first when Earth is no longer safe. Because of this truth, it makes sense for folks to keep an eye out for the latest happenings in this barren world.

A new report shows a strange circle on Mars’ surface, and it has alien hunters going crazy over the released image. The picture of the ring doesn’t come off as something naturally placed by nature, hence the reason for alien hunters wondering if it has anything to do with creatures from far away.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover on the hunt

The Curiosity Rover captured the image in question, which was later featured on the YouTube channel known as secureteam10. The channel says the formation is quite strange, and folks in the comment area have come up with a plethora of theories of what could have caused it.

According to secureteam10, the construction is “much different from the craters that we normally see on Mars and the moon and the other planets in the solar system.” The channel went on to add that the formation might have been arranged that way, or it came from a long-lost ruin.

Several others on YouTube had a lot to say, some going as far as saying, “The circle on Mars is clearly part of a bagel.”

We can’t say for certain what the formation is all about or how it got there. However, if we had to think deeply about it, we would say it’s merely a small crater caused by an asteroid.

We suspect scientists will come out sooner rather than later with an explanation for why such a formation has shown itself on the red planet

The ancient tree stump

Earlier this year, several alien hunters believed an image released by NASA was an ancient tree stump on Mars. Obviously, it wasn’t a tree stump, but by now we should know that UFO hunters will say just about anything.

A woman on Mars! Wait, what?

Back in the year 2015, another image was released to the public by NASA of Mars’ surface. It shows what appears to be a woman-like figure, and it brought forth a hot debate.

Seeing as there’s no life on Mars or signs of life for that matter, debates like this shouldn’t be so commonplace.

As the years go by and as NASA sends more Rovers to Mars, we’ll see more strange sightings on the planet, and alien hunters here on Earth will yet again have a lot to say about what they saw.