WiFiGeeks Technology Delivers Super-fast WiFi Outdoors: The Future?

Having Internet connection is very important in today’s age. However, once we leave the confinement of our homes, getting access to the web becomes challenging and expensive.

When mobile, we tend to use services from mobile operators. Taking advantage of 4G isn’t cheap, and that’s where WiFiGeeks come in to help. It’s a new company aiming to become the top WiFi provider in the United States.

WiFi for RV parks

The folks at WiFiGeeks all want to deliver quality Internet connection for outdoor travelers. We understand the technology used is capable of reaching over 1,000 Mbps in a single area. This makes the company’s technology much faster than what Google Fiber is offering its customers today.

WiFiGeeks has created one of the fastest WiFi guest networks ever built. The new technology was deployed at Miller Creek RV Resort and has the potential of reaching over 1,000 Mbps, or faster than Google’s fiber project,” according to WiFiGeeks.

Miller Creek RV Resort is just one of many remote locations that have nothing but decades old technology. They went through years of people trying to make their WiFi work properly to no avail. The technology implemented gave them stable WiFi and speeds that were thought to be impossible in their rural setting.

“We’re so happy to finally have next generation WiFi to offer our guests. We couldn’t be happier,” says owner Paul Rountree.

I am glad to see rural RV resorts, like Miller Creek, finally get access to the speeds they need to make their park guests happy. The idea here is all about creating “at home” Internet experiences on the go.

The difficulties of deploying Wi-Fi outdoors

Wireless Internet is slowly becoming the future of everything we do. As the technology improves, wired connections might only be implemented for big businesses and the enterprise. However, at this point, it’s not ideal for everyday situations.

From personal experience, outdoor WiFi shows its lack of readiness when there’s a lot of rain, and when a particular area is filled with trees. Furthermore, other frequencies can also affect network connection. However, WiFiGeeks technology has managed to tackle these problems head-on to provide high-speed Internet speeds over a wireless channel.

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