Google Starts Tests on Triangle, the New Data Management Tool

Google has just recently started to test a new tool which assists people to better manage their mobile data options. The latest endeavor from the tech giant, called Triangle, allows the user to utilize their data on an app by app basis then block unwanted background use.

The new Android app is currently undergoing trials in the Philippines and lets one view their data balance and see the applications that take the bulk of data use and even block the applications on an individual basis.

It also shows the amount of data that has been used during a particular time span. This is going to significantly save on mobile data costs for the average user.

Google’s Triangle Application Features

Interestingly, this data function is already available in Android. Triangle brings clocking capacity to the equation which was previously not adequately available. It has a prominent data saver toggle on the main page and these blocks the background applications from consuming the bandwidth.

Data use within particular applications can be temporarily allowed for 10, 30 or 60 minute intervals. Other alternatives may pertain completely blocking the data or always allowing for certain applications. This is done through dialogue panes which appear when an app opens.

The application also allows one to earn data on the plan through app downloads. This would need integration of the carrier with users being able to get up to 100MBs of data with the installation of applications like Waze. Other carrier integration also permits users to check their prepaid data bundles from Triangle.

Market Opportunities for Data Management App

Though limited data plans are not very common in the United States, considering unlimited data plans are usual and bandwidth is usually available. Though in some of the emerging markets, the mobile data use is usually one of the concerns. As such, Google is experimenting with different ways it is going to cut down on mobile data through allowing the users to have more control over the manner in which their data is being utilized.

This is especially true for markets in South America and Africa as well as, south East Asia where mobile data is still more prominent as compared to wireless internet modes and unlimited plans. This is not the first time that Google is attempting better data utilization tools for mobile device customers.

Years ago, Google added a data saver mode to the mobile version of its Chrome browser for example and it introduced a built in saver controls in particular devices like the data saver mode within the new Pixel devices.  By comparison, Triangle provides for more fine tuned control as concerns applications compared to what is available in Pixel phones.

News of the application is still not official though considering Google has not yet made a formal announcement through the application has been discussed in many forums for the past two months since testing began. Google has also declined to answer its future plans for the applications such as when or if it is expected to release it to the emerging markets or even ones where unlimited bundles are the norm.

When they were asked, a representative claimed they were only doing tests on ways customers could better manage their data.