Samsung Note 7 Back on the Market in South Korea After Exploding Debacle

The Galaxy Note 7 was a spectacular smartphone back in 2016, but it had one major flaw that caused it to spontaneously explode. Samsung had failed to rectify the issue and as such, had to recall the product. However, fast forward into 2017 and the Note 7 is making a significant comeback.

The giant from South Korea lost billions after recalling the device and taking it off the market altogether. Nevertheless, it appears as if Samsung wants to claw back some of the money lost by returning the Note 7 to market.

Galaxy Note 7 going on sale in South Korea

Coming this Friday, the Note 7 will yet again hit store shelves, but only in South Korea. It’s a refurbished version of the original product, but this time around, Samsung has changed the name to the Galaxy Note FE, which means Fan Edition.

Now, no one has forgotten the constant reports of the device causing bodily harm to users, so why should they invest in a product that could potentially take their lives? Well, according to Samsung, the smartphone comes with a new battery that has gone under severe safety tests.

Samsung is basically saying, “Yes, the revised Note 7 is safe to use so come on board.” The company says the device has perfect safety, but chances are, most consumers might decide to take the wait and see approach before making the huge decision of grabbing the Note FE.

$611 is the asking price

While the Note FE is just a revision product, Samsung does not intend to give them away at an affordable cost. The smartphone will go on sale for the cool price of $611, which is still a far cry from the Galaxy Note 8’s $999 asking price.

Consumers, who are interested in owning the Galaxy Note FE, will need to act quickly because Samsung is planning to sell a maximum of 400,000 units in South Korea. As for the rest of the world, the company has such plans, but first, the product must succeed in its home country.

It’s great to see Samsung attempting to return the Note 7 to market, but the company needs a stellar relaunch because any problems regarding fire will most definitely be a disaster. The South Korean giant cannot allow this to happen, and as such, things will likely succeed than fail.

The Galaxy Note 8

While the Note FE is right around the corner, Samsung is hard at work with the Galaxy Note 8. The device is the most powerful smartphone the company has ever created, and for a good reason. This is the product to redeem fan loyalty to the South Korean giant, henceforth, there’s little room for failure.

The device is packing a 6.3in 3840×2160 Super AMOLED, and 6GB of RAM. There’s also 64GB of internal storage, and all this is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and Android 7.0 Nougat.

In terms of a smart assistant, Samsung doesn’t want to rely on Google’s offering, and as such, the Galaxy Note 8 will come with Bixby, the company’s first virtual assistant. Time will tell if it can stand up on the same level with the competition.

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