Cord Cutters in the U.S. Watch More Netflix Than YouTube, Amazon, and Hulu

Netflix has repeatedly proven that it is the best place to watch video content on the web. The vast amount of third party and exclusive movies and series has given cord cutters more reasons to stay away from cable and television altogether.

Cord cutters in the United States have long been patient for the best place to watch video content, and Netflix has proven itself to be the right service to fill that void. Yes, the likes of Amazon Video, Hulu, and YouTube are great, but according to the newest data, Netflix is dominating.

United States cord cutters watch more Netflix

According to the latest data released by comScore, cord cutters are watching more Netflix than YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Video each month. That’s not entirely surprising since Netflix is home to many hit movies and shows. Still, it’s amazing to learn YouTube is not on top. Then again, the data is primarily associated with cord cutters.

Additionally, the user base for online video subscription services has surpassed that of cable TV, further making it clear that streaming videos online is the future of entertainment.

The data shows that Netflix accounts for a whopping 40 percent of over-the-top viewing hours, while YouTube takes 18 percent, Hulu 14 percent, and Amazon video a decent enough 7 percent. When it comes down to the amount of days folks watch Netflix in a month, the number stands at 12.3 days.

Day-by-day viewing behavior

This is where Hulu takes the cake and a clear reason why the service is similar to network and cable TV than all the others. On an average basis, cord cutters in the U.S. are watching up to 2.9 hours of Hulu per day, 2.2 hours of Netflix, 2.1 hours of YouTube, and 2 hours of Amazon Video.

Hulu is leading here because the company has partnered with several TV and cable networks over the years, which brings forth many shows and movies cord cutters are interested in soon after they air on their respective networks.

As it stands, Hulu is slowly taking the place of traditional TV, and that’s not about to change in the long term.

Netflix is a different beast

What Netflix is doing is quite new and in a league to itself. The company has been given credit for creating the storytelling art form, which is contents similar to both TV shows and movies. It’s quite impressive what Netflix has accomplished, especially with its original programming.

In terms of YouTube, the company has done a splendid job by allowing regular folks to create content. Still, it needs professionals, and so far, it’s just not happening on a large scale.

The future of entertainment is definitely on the web with services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Video. However, the big question is, will consumers feel the need to subscribe to all for the sake of keeping up with the best of what they have to offer? Probably not, but time will tell.