Apple’s Leaping Into the Future with Its Lineup of Listening Devices

When Apple decided to venture in headphones world, they gave as much importance to details and applications as they do with each one of its other top products like the iPhone. Actually, as with every challenge the company decides to face, they did go hard — Because going home has never been an option for them.

In this way, the love they inject in every project seems to push them into never ending, growing challenges, and their EarPods and AirPods are not the exceptions. In fact, for no one’s a secret where do their popularity lies in, and the brilliant future some experts can glimpse. Though, it does not mean something why Apple will settle for.

Star Wars: the reason why Apple AirPods come only in white

Taking a look back to the firsts Apple earbuds versions, and although its design has not been the same through the years, today’s EarPods and AirPods (its wireless version) do not differ that much to their initial interpretation. The truth is its creators have always been inspired by the originals, headphones’ ancestors, instead of whole new concept designs as it’s believed, and the reason is Star Wars.

So if you had the power to mix up your favorite science-fiction movie with your job, what would be the result? In the case of Apple’s design boss, Jony Ive, the outcome was some game changer headsets, and its recipe probably was something like: Star Wars Stormtroopers Cool Headphones = Apple earbuds.

Through a recent interview conducted for The Wall Street Journal, Jony Ive revealed this to the world where everything now makes sense to the followers of the famed series of movies and the fanatics from one of the best technology companies. From the regular choice of white instead of traditional black in common headphones to the overall similarity between the appliance and the soldiers’ look.

Was this just a marketing strategy? According to Ive, the collaboration was mutual, since he seems to have suggested J. J. Abrams equipping its character Kylo Ren with a rough, crackling laser sable. In any case, now that we know Apple earbuds design were inspired in Star Wars Stormtroopers, we can not stop finding the similarities.

Welcome to the family: the first iPhone-matching ear implants

Now, in the same context, from the galaxy wars Apple just jumped on an issue that, although seemed like science-fiction too, it never was. It’s about ear implants, a field where the company debuts in a partnership with the Australian based company Cochlear, adding a new member to its family tree of headsets: the Nucleus 7.


The gadget is semi-implanted. Indeed, one part is placed behind the ear and the other behind the skin through surgery. Thanks to the appliance, users will be able to have a sound sensation from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the sound processor. In addition, once the implant and the Apple device have been linked, it can be controlled through them.

In this way, having a first ear appliance with Apple iOS integrated means, for example, listening to phone calls directly and having the incredible, fast evolving virtual assistant from the company, Siri, at your service, to highlight but only two features.


The Nucleus 7 will go on sale from September in Canada and the United States, and it’s not known if later worldwide. Nevertheless, there are already a lot of appealing attributes like its lightness for children or the long-lasting battery duration for being a waterproof device, which only announce it will be a handy gadget.

Are earbuds the next number one income product from the company? Which seems crucial is the path of focusing on health that Apple is seeking and taking direction to. There’s no doubt this tech company has so much more to offer than just a smartphone nowadays.