The Military Can Now Shoot Any Unmanned Aircrafts or Drones Out of the Sky

The Military Can Now Shoot Your Drones Out of the Sky

There is a new policy that allows the military to shoot, capture, and retain any drone out of the sky. They are even able to track it back to its owner. Stipulations are supposed to limit the enforcement of this rule on unmanned air crafts that they believe “pose a threat” or that might be flying over military bases.

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Military bases aren’t the only restricted areas for drone usage. Airports and areas where emergency workers operate are also restricted. For example, this could include areas where emergency crafts may be fighting fires and these drones may be in the way.

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Not only is the military able to shoot down your drone now, dismantle it, and trace it back to you but they can also fine and even arrest you if they deem you have ill intent. No matter what the reason may be, regardless if you have ill intent or not, even if you have entered a restricted area by accident with your drone, the military now has a right to take action.

This new rule now covers consumer and commercial drone usage. Even though the FAA already passed legislation to restrict drone usage this rule provides the military with more power to deal with drone misuse by allowing them the authority to take over any drones that may enter these restricted areas.

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This new rule that allows the military to shoot these devices out of the sky was approved in July and was officially passed on Monday. This policy extends to cover an “unmanned aircraft” and can be enforced at the full discretion of the military.