Walmart and Google Team Up to Battle Amazon

Online shopping is a universal genre of commerce and is used by all types of people from multi-million dollar corporations to little old ladies looking to refill a prescription. Buying products on the internet accounts for the bulk of most companies’ revenue.

In recent months, online shopping has transitioned from physically typing in your order to simply telling devices what you want. The two biggest companies doing this are Amazon and Google who are constantly trying to one up each other. Amazon is currently on top with the release of their Echo Show.

The throne’s owner may change soon, though, with a new team-up in the works between Google and Walmart. Walmart is a retail juggernaut in their own right on the internet thanks to their ability to offer a wide range of products at a much cheaper price than the majority of retailers on the internet.

Alexa v. Google

2016 sales reports state that Alexa accounted for 72.2 percent of the voice-activated revenue compared to Google’s 22 percent, according to eMarketer. It is no secret that Google Home is mostly used for mundane information like headlines and weather but that will soon change.

By the end of September, Google Home will put Walmart at the forefront of all retail results when you ask Home to check the price for your favorite products ranging from things like Febreeze all the way up to a new Smart TV.

When it comes to grocery shopping, Walmart is looking to expand on that too with the help of Uber and curbside pick-up. Soon, you will have the option to have your groceries delivered or brought out to the parking lot by simply telling Google Home what you need.

This grocery delivery comes shortly after Amazon announced their $14 billion offer to Whole Foods. There is no doubt that these two partnerships will be in direct competition with one another. The only question is whether you want expensive, organic foods or cheap unassuming staples.

Since the announcement of this new partnership between Walmart and Google, Amazon has gone ahead and suspended sales of the Google Home device. Currently, an Amazon search for the product brings up nothing more than a protective skin for the device or an eBook relating to it, but Walmart now sells it $20 cheaper than elsewhere.

Did you forget? Google remembers

The biggest new feature of this partnership is that Google Home will actually remember the specific products that you have ordered in the past. What this means, is that if you have a habit of ordered Tide Pods once a month then they’ll remember what size or scent you usually get so there’s no guessing on your part.

This service will link to your Google Express account for easy reordering of your favorite products. This will eliminate the need to call your significant other to help you remember what size socks your eight-year-old wears currently.

Walmart will not be starting out small with this service like some companies like to do in order to test the waters. They will offer this as a part of their 4,700 stores for instant pick-up as well as their one to three day shipping from their fulfillment service.

Walmart’s stock has risen a point since the announcement after a solid week of little change so it will be interesting to see how this affects the retail industry. We may see prices fluctuate in the consumer’s favor as Google/Walmart and Amazon go for each other’s throats.