Alexa and Cortana to Partner to Win Voice Assistant Market

Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa are planning to come with a smart assistant partnership. Later during the year, Alexa and Cortana will be able to communicate on Amazon’s Echo lineup of smart home speakers and everything with the Cortana system including Android, iOS and devices that use Windows 10.

Asking Alexa to open the Cortana system and vice versa means the firms will have effectively built skills from both of the platforms. Amazon Echo users may ask Alexa to bring in Cortana as a guest to tend to things like booking meetings or reading work emails. At the same time, the ones with the devices that are powered using windows 10 software can decide to ask Cortana to bring in Alexa which would then assist with tasks like the controlling of smart devices within the home or even ordering things from Amazon.

Alexa and Cortana Strengths to Complement Each Other

The partnership is not the most common considering the two firms are rivals as parent companies and even at the smart assistant level. Senior vice president of Amazon devices, Dave Limp has emphasized on the significance of collaboration between key artificial intelligence helpers in the previous month. Apparently, the goal is for the artificial intelligence systems to work together.

The objective is not to have mergers that eventually lead to one system but actually a collaboration of the artificial intelligence systems because like people they have different specialties and so they would be productive as a team than as a fused system. Jeff Bezos stated there were going to be a number of successful intelligence agents with access to a number of data sets that have different specialized skill regions.

When merged together their strengths would prove complementary and give the clients a richer and more helpful experience. Alexa claims that it has 20,000 skills as made from third party developers. Microsoft has also prioritized on making software available from devices utilized to access the internet.

That involves making sure that Cortana was as available as possible to clients everywhere. The concept of bringing the platform’s knowledge as well as Office 365 integration and reminders to Alexa proved to be a good step in the achievement of that objective.

Whole is less than the Sum of the Parts

Voice assistants have become a strategic battle ground for AI advances between Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon the same way that augmented reality is the next frontier for mobile giants like Samsung and Apple. The release of Amazon Echo a few years ago started the smart speaker race which has since encouraged competition from Google with Google Home and now, HomePod from Apple.

Microsoft has partnered with Harman Kardon to develop the Cortana based Invoke speaker which will debut in the autumn. The combination of Alexa and Cortana may play to defuse competition between the two assistants while simultaneously increasing sales for both Microsoft and Amazon and pit them against the other competition. Google will be on the losing end of this arrangement as customers may want to buy into either platform on the basis of attaining a combined package without necessarily changing brands.