The Coca-Cola Worldwide Challenge: $1M For a Fresh, Healthy Formula!

Technology and science are both expressions of art that do not stop evolving to astonishing levels while transforming everything in their wake, so that they make us feel it doesn’t seem something weird to live in a century where even the words Coca-Cola and fitness start colliding in the same speech without necessarily being related to any unhealthy or negative main idea.

Source: Coca-Cola

In fact, that’s the ambitious project of the Coke owners: you give them the equation for a healthier, natural sweetener, and they won’t only put the technology to make it real but will send you a modic gift of one million dollars straight to your bank account. Are you up for the Coca-Cola Sweetener Challenge?

Clearing more than just Coca-Cola’s bad reputation

So the truth is, Coke wants to turn into a healthful drink. By doing so, they will be cleansing not only their bad reputation but their secret formula, which after all, it’s not a fully hidden mystery for the crowds nowadays: even kids know that the key on Coca-Cola’s equation have always been the high quantity of sugar!

Source: Coca-Cola

In that sense, Coca-Cola’s chiefs seem to be aware that while technology is offering revolutionary advances that cover from electricity-based food to 3D-printed human skin, or to-take-away artificial hearts that could make us live longer for not saying immortals, to keep drinking the same trash would be absurd.

So through an announcement in the HeroX platform, the brand of the carbonated dark soda launched a worldwide challenge, which although oriented to scientific and researchers, it’s open to anyone who think they have the perfect combination of a fresh, natural sweetener.

However, proposals will have to be supported by scientific studies. All submissions will be accepted until January 18, 2018, same year where the winners will be announced, but ten months later, which means October could be your lucky month if you’re willing to take one of the most famous drinks on earth to the next level.

The failure in light sodas

You might be wondering now, what happen with all those classical light cokes or zero calories sodas overall? In some countries like the United States it’s even possible to find shops and supermarkets where buying a Coca-Cola is cheaper than a bottle of natural, pure water.

Sadly, those “light” sodas are a big scam, and many different scientific researches prove it. In fact, sugar-free soft drinks still have caffeine, theobromine, and other stimulants with addictive power, as well as high amounts of sodium, carbonates, and phosphorus in large amounts that can be harmful to health. They have also been linked to increased abdominal fat and diabetes risk.

In this way, still today a sugar-free Coca Cola is not a good option to consume as a regular drink in replacement of water, and maybe that’s why there is also a pinch of desperation in the global challenge of Coca-Cola that offers a million dollars to discover a new natural sweetener, healthy and low in calories.

Finally, there’s no doubt the people in Coca-Cola is aware the most incredible ideas can be in any corner of the world. Do you think you have what’s needed to revolutionize the famed Coke? Here the guidelines of the challenge with all you need to know; just please, don’t forget me when you’re famous and rich. Cheers!