Waylens Inc. is Making an Even Better Camera with This New Kickstarter

It seems everywhere you look, you see cameras everywhere. Cameras in the grocery store, cameras on everyone’s phone, and even cameras in the driveway of your friends house thanks to startups like Ring.

Most cars on the road today have camera pre-installed on them as well, but only in the form of helping the driver back up without hitting another vehicle. I have been saying for years that every car needs a series of cameras that can prove who is at fault during an accident.

Waylens Inc. has dedicated their lives to making automotive cameras that benefit humanity and did their first Kickstarter two years ago with great success. Now, they’re expanding their visual repertoire with a new 360 degree camera that does it all.

Source: Waylens, Inc.

Secure360 w/ 4G

Waylens Inc. has more than quintupled their goal of $60,000 and is now guaranteed to offer this camera to their potential customers and backers. The beauty of this camera is that it not only films what is directly ahead of the dashboard, but what is in the car as well.

The Secure360 camera gets it name for two reasons: having a full 360 degrees of view and filming for a full 360 hours without needing to delete any footage. The footage itself is saved to Waylens’ cloud and even films while parked; just in case.

If you happen to be away from the car and an even does occur, the free app (available upon release) will notify you with a live feed of what is happening to your car whether it be a hit-and-run, theft, or somebody towing your car away.

The reason that the Secure360 can film so much video is that it uses low power sensors that will wake from a sleeping state if an event occurs. The camera uses 4G-LTE to save and store the acquired video to the cloud.

Once is released in the first quarter of 2018, the 4G model will retail for around $349 plus a small monthly fee for cloud service and the connectivity. Set-up is a cinch thanks the simplistic panel that easily sticks to the inside of the windshield.

I nice little extra of the free app is a gps locator function that will help you find your car in a crowded parking lot after a long and arduous day. The Secure360 camera has gotten commendations by companies like The Verge and Autoweek as well as receiving a “best in show” award by CE Week Exhibits and Conferences.

Source: Waylens, Inc.

The wifi model and the pledges

If you don’t want your videos hanging out on the cloud, then they will also offer a wifi model for around $100 less. Instead of using the cloud and 4G-LTE, your videos will be saved by way of an SD card of up to 256 GB.

The wifi model will offer all the brilliance that lies inside the camera, but things like live streaming and car locator can not be utilized because of a lack of connectivity, but the safety is there. Plus, since there is no monthly service fee then this camera is paid in full immediately.

Backers get discounts as well as early access to the innovative camera. At $149, you get your camera and all the cords in November, but you’ll have to wait until March for your 4G service. In March, the pricier pledges get their camera paired with 3 or 6 months of service.

For you big spenders out there, you can get a 36 pack of Secure360 cameras for $6,900 to equip your entire fleet of limos, delivery vans, or whatever with these phenomenal cameras. But be vigilant because there is just over 1 day left of this campaign.

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