Elon Musk: AI Advancements Could Lead to World War III and Autonomous Warfare

World Domination and Autonomous Warfare: AI Advancements Could Lead to World War III

Vladmir Putin is claiming that the title “Ruler of the World” will revolve around whomever perfects the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Putin also claims that AI would not only be the “Ruler of the World” but it would also be the “Ruler of all Mankind.”

Elon Musk chimed in on Twitter speculating that with countries like China and Russia racing to perfect this technology could likely lead to World War III. However, nuclear warfare doesn’t seem to be much of a concern as autonomous warfare is being bumped to the top of the list.

He explains that the decision to start this AI-led world world III would not likely be at the hands of world leaders but because of a decision to make a preemptive strike as the “most probably path to victory.” This decision, however, would most likely be made by man-created artificial intelligence.

Musk also believes that nuclear war should be on the lowest of our list of concerns as last month he and several other top tech leaders signed an agreement not to create autonomous killing robots. He explained that autonomous weapons would lead to the type of autonomous warfare that would proceed faster than humans could comprehend.

Putin says that he would be willing to share knowledge about AI with the rest of the world but other reports don’t seem to put much weight on his statement claiming to do so. We’re not really sure about this “ruler of the world” or “ruler of mankind” stuff but then again most of us aren’t leaders of a country so it’s probably not on the top of our list of concerns either.

So along with all of the other societal issues and pressing concerns we see in the news every day, we can add autonomous warfare to the top of the list. We can just go ahead and bump nuclear warfare to the bottom because killing robots are way scarier. It’s okay though because the people who know how to create killing robots have agreed not to do so. This means that everything should be okay right?