This Device Takes Temporary Tattoos to a Whole New Level

Credit: SketchOnInc

Temporary tattoos have long delighted both young and old, but a new device takes the concept to a whole new level.

Rather than creating a sticky mess that requires water and patience, or the time to wait for henna to take effect, Prinker is a device which makes the process almost instantaneous.

However the best part of Prinker is that users can sketch their own tattoos, or download those created by other users of the devices.

It is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3, considering that it takes only three seconds to apply the temporary tattoo to your skin.

This temporary tattoo can last up to three days as it is water resistant. However if you would rather not go to your day job with a huge skull on your forehead after a wild weekend, you can also use soap to wash the image off.

The device was created by the company SketchOnInc, which has promoted Pinker at a series of events, including CES 2017 and ULTRA Korea.

“At SketchOn, our goal is to inspire people and give them new tools for self-expression,” the company says.

Making Your Own Tattoo With Prinker

Everyone can create their own custom designs to apply using Prinker, which is a major selling point of the device.

You simply use the Prinker App and a compatible device, like your phone or tablet, to sketch your design. A stylus or e-pen can make sketching easier.

Credit: SketchOnInc

You can also see stock designs provided by the device creators, as well as designs by other users. If you like what you see, you can apply it without hassle.

You can even edit these designs if you would like to add your own mark to them.

“Prinker opens up a whole new way of expressing who you are,” SketchOn says in their product brochure.

“Capture, express and share your ideas and feelings with Prinker.”

The Downside?

The only thing standing between you and your dream of dozens of unicorn tattoos is that Prinker has limited availability.

Currently, the device is available only for businesses to use. However a consumer version is under development. So we can only hold thumbs that the device will see a mainstream release soon.

It’s important to note that vendors on Alibaba and Taobao who are claiming to sell the device have been identified as scammers by SketchOn.

When Prinker becomes available to consumers, do you think you’ll buy one? What do you think of the device? Let us know in the comments below…