7 Exciting Nintendo Switch Games To Look Forward To

wolfenstein ii
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Credit: Bethesda

When the Nintendo Switch was first released, one of the major concerns was that the console would not have enough games to draw players.

The console had a few exclusives which attracted Nintendo fans, but lacked more mainstream games that would bring a wider audience.

However recent months have seen Nintendo really up the number of games available on the console, and the next few months are set to see some major new titles on the Switch.

Here are seven exciting games to look forward to on Nintendo’s Switch console…

Super Mario Odyssey

Release date: October 27

Credit: Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey attracted a significant amount of hype after its announcement at E3, and the anticipation for the Nintendo Switch exclusive seems to have only grown.

The 3D platform game sees Mario on an entirely new type of adventure with an interesting hat-shaped companion named Cappy.

The mission is still to save Princess Peach, but the ability to throw Cappy at an object and become said object adds an interesting, albeit strange, mechanic to the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Release date: December 1

The sequel to the popular Xenoblade Chronicles will be a platform exclusive for the Switch. With how well The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was received by critics, many are expecting this new JRPG to also be a hit.

It has many of the ingredients which made Breath of the Wild a success: it’s a sequel in an established franchise, it has an open world and it has a charming and unique chibi-anime-like art style.

The fact that the game’s world is literally set atop the backs of giant creatures called Titans just adds to the appeal.


Release date: Holiday 2017

While most Nintendo Switch games have been cutesy titles filled with childhood nostalgia, DOOM is the exact opposite: an action-packed gorefest.

However, it is a very popular shooter, so it was major news when Nintendo announced that the game would launch on the Switch.

Adding this title will definitely appeal to a wider audience which isn’t drawn by the typical Nintendo game.

It also is good news as we can likely expect some more graphically intensive games (that make use of the Switch’s Full HD resolution and 60fps framerate to its full potential) to be made available on the console.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Release date: 2018

It’s pretty impressive that Nintendo managed to secure a Switch version of the upcoming Wolfenstein game. The only downside is that it will be released only in 2018, while other platforms are getting their release towards the end of October.

However, for people who use the Switch as their primary console, this is great news as it means they won’t miss out on the game entirely.

The fact that an AAA title from a major publisher that’s not Nintendo is coming to the Switch also hints at a positive future for the console — which will likely see more major games made compatible closer to the time of their release.

Rocket League

Release date: Holiday 2017

The Nintendo Switch is perfect for local multiplayer, with Mario Kart 8 being one of the funnest games you can play on the console.

It’s therefore only natural that a raucously fun multiplayer game like Rocket League is set to be released on the Switch. Tiny monster trucks, giant soccer balls and slow-motion exploding goal shots — what’s not to love?

This addition to the console’s game line-up is an eagerly anticipated one, and is sure to be a major seller.

L.A. Noire

Release date: November 2017

L.A. Noire is a relatively old title from Rockstar Games, with its initial release in 2011.

However the game was a hit and has become a bit of a classic for gamers, thanks to its cinematic storytelling and film noir atmosphere.

The game is set for a current-gen console release worldwide in November, including a PS4 and Xbox One version. Luckily, Nintendo Switch players have not been left out this time and will receive a port of the game as well.

WWE 2K18

Release date: Fall/Q4 2017

You may not be a fan of watching wrestling, but it’s a whole different experience when you’re delivering a digital beat-down to your friends.

The Nintendo Switch version of WWE 2K18 is set to support up to six characters onscreen at once, so you can can expect tons of hilarious chaos.

The release of the Nintendo version will come in Fall 2017, only a few weeks or months after the game’s initial release.

So prepare to ruin friendships, because this came has the competitiveness of Mario Kart, but with the added intensity of over-the-top wrestling moves.

Other Nintendo Switch Games to Look Forward to…

While the games on this list are some of the most exciting titles coming to the Nintendo Switch, there are other great additions on the way.

This will add to a console games library already propped up by successful titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and charming new releases such as Golf Story.

While many people doubted whether the Switch would be a success, it looks like Nintendo is really putting their backing behind the platform.

Which Nintendo Switch games are you currently engrossed in? And are there any others that didn’t make the list that deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments below…