Tangram: The Smart Rope That Will Make You A Cardio Freak!

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Far beyond than only a cycle of Internet and modernization overall, I would dare to baptize the XXI century as the fitness one over the human civilization timeline. Unavoidably, surfing the fitness wave, an avalanche of smart devices that cover from bikes to smart ropes, are appearing to help us with not only a beneficial body condition, but mental and spiritual wellness too.

No matter whether you’re in shape or not, there’s a reality that has to do with the fact that life’s better when you’re healthy. However, while our sportive gadgets evolve for better, their prices increase almost simultaneously to ridiculous, long figures, making it somehow exclusive for some to accede to.

So what are the chances of taking advantage of futurism while trying not to fall in bankrupt in such a costly tech environment nowadays? The only thing that has no repair is death, so here goes a less-than-$100 solution: a smart rope.


smart rope

Tangram: the spark of a low cost smart rope!

As many of today’s gadgets and inventions, the smart rope from Tangram Factory has had a successful kickstarter campaign, won different design awards from important expert organizations like Red Dot Design to name just one — and it makes sense, because they took jumping rope to a whole new level for the very first time in the modern history.

In a nutshell, the very first appealing characteristic of this smart rope is that she does the maths for you, using a LED-embedded system that displays it in mid-air, as you work out. In fact, you can check whatever fitness data you’re interested in, which means calories burned, interval training data, double unders, among other relevant information… Call it magic!

So instead of a boring screen, much like a virtual reality film, the LEDs fire at different times as the rmart rope rotates around you, creating a bubble with a single display included that float in mid-air.

Will technology ever be completely accessible?

So far, all it’s lights and fun. Mostly because the price of the expensive rope does not exceed the $80 yet, and you can already buy one here. Nevertheless, it seems that, just as in the arts and the sciences, technology has a huge problem related to the accessibility.

smart rope
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In fact, though it’s possible to use the smart rope as a stand-alone device that counts the jumps, the robust functionality offered by the Smart Gym, the mobile app platform, seems to be fundamental to the smart rope experience, which means you’ll need a smartphone to take the most of the futuristic gadget, but that it isn’t actually that cheap and useful if you don’t have a phone in other words.

I know almost everybody has a smartphone those days, but it’s still remarkable how, sadly, technology is not something for all yet. I highlighted that fact this time with a smart, low-cost sportive device, but it becomes in something to worry a little bit more when it’s about the access to medical or environment-saving appliances… Will technology ever be completely accessible?

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In any case, this minimalist gadget is still a very great chance to invest in health for a low price, and it has a wide variety of hidden features that I don’t want to spoil you, like the battery system that offers 45 hours of use in exchange of only 2 hours charging. Are you in for discovering the smart way of doing cardio? Do you know more accessible, low-cost devices that are worth to invest in? Let the whole tech community know in the comment box below.