AIM AOL Instant Messenger Eulogy: A Two-Decade of Life Well Lived.


A moment of silence to the gallant AIM AOL Instant Messenger who has served relentlessly for two decades. Had the courage to sail in the uncharted waters back then in 1997. AIM AOL Instant Messenger was a chat brand of its own class. RIP AIM AOL Instant Messenger.

The interment as stated by a press release by the mortician (now Oath) is scheduled for December 15, 2017. Indeed all good things come to an end. Fare-thee-well the magnanimous yellow running servant.

Source: Wired

Reliving the Good Old Times

It takes a little of old age to relate with AOL Instant Messenger. It’s quite unfortunate that the younger generation might never have a chance to appreciate the cornerstone of instant messaging application.  So if you thought that it was during your time that the Snapchat or WhatsApp that were brought to life you might have missed the point.

In principle, the AOL Instant Messenger laid the foundation of the present day instant messaging sites. They’re quite numerous. No need to enumerate them. But the old timers had seen and done it all.

The “lol and u were awesome”- shorthand were crafted by the 90’s kid. You best believe it. The only first was that you used the smartphones to pass the message while we the old timers, had it locked from the desktop. On the brighter side, we didn’t have the risk of taking our eyes literarily off the road to engage in chat up with our colleagues!

How AIM AOL Instant Messenger Worked

The working principle as earlier stated was akin to the Gchat or the present day iMessage. It boasted of its own lengthy status messages (song lyrics extracts were popular at that time) punctuated with icons. A rich source of sound notification to accompany the different commands. For instance sound of a door bang as you retired after long night chat.

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The choice of lyrics at that time was designed to resonate with the prevailing mood.  Some used to settle scores reminiscent of the cold war. No bare knuckles. Just subtly hitting at their transgression.

The agenda of the texting pretty remains similar to the current generation. It all boiled down to your inner circle. Fast-tracking class assignments and coursework without necessarily following it to its logical conclusion: doing and submitting the work!

Then It All Began To Stagger

After years of the iconic chimes ruling the airwaves, we eventually got bored. Temporary makeshifts added flavor to our tiring taste buds of the AOL messenger. Xanga and Myspace come along. They never really managed to get hold of the top perch. Facebook had different intentions.

The clear indication that AOL was on its death bed was the beginning of shutting down third-party apps affiliation with AIM.  Previously, the messenger had undergone management restructuring. Jobs were lost during the process. It was described by the pundits as an act of simply maintaining the lights on as the numbers of users started to shrink to unsustainable levels of operation that involved running the costly OSCAR protocol.

Pulling the Plug

After years of repeated beckoning by the ailing messenger to fail to attract a substantial number of clients to assist towards its resuscitation, the AOL life supporting machine is finally to be switched off on December 15, 2017. All its product and services will suffer a similar fate.

Does the end of the old era signals a new dawn? Unfortunately for AOL messenger, the makers have been categorical and have reiterated that presently, there is no direct replacement product for AIM.

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A set of procedural instructions have been outlined for those who would wish to salvage few memorabilia of the chat. Images, files and your email address are some of the notable things that you will be in a position to hold on to. Your buddy list and other associated data on the messenger will be non-redeemable.

A Battle Well Fought

As the curtains come falling on AIM, don’t miss the bus to write off that perfect send-off message bearing your screen name. So long AIM AOL Instant Messenger, your legacy is well secured by the new kings of chat Apps.