Smart Architecture is the Future – Tree-Based Buildings and All

Source: Aprilli

Wars, territorial divisions, and modernization have been imposed inevitably throughout the whole history of civilization. While we are transformed in the midst of our struggle with those forces that oppose renewal, there’s a must for the human race today that’s directly linked to finding a balance between what the Earth gave us before our arrival, the natural environment, and what the manpower is spreading, as smart architecture, structures, and the wide range of technological ideas to improve our staying here.

In this way, what’s been happening is that there has been no real harmony between both worlds: rural and urban. Indeed, we can count by one hand the city landscapes across the world that really mix them to respect the environment and still technologically upgrade, whether because it’s too late after the received heritage by older breeds, or just because nor governments or citizens do give enough importance to the subject.

smart architecture
Source: Aprilli

Nevertheless, there’s always a first time for everything, and that’s the reason why the Urban Skyfarm, a smart architecture project emerging in Seoul, Korea, will probably make a groundbreaking trend worldwide in which concern to fusion rural and urban as soon as possible.

Urban Skyfarm: a smart architecture center proposal

smart architecture
Source: Aprilli

So introducing that desperately needy rethinking of modernization future based in smart architecture, the US Aprilli Design Studio did take action, suggesting a project that depart from an urban + rural concept where the main proposal is to start mixing them up both, as much as possible, by building tree-shaped premises, or some sort of vertical farms in other words.

Normally, for a giant, strong, and beautiful tree, it could take hundred of years to flourish. In this way, without having to wait thousand turns in the sun, but keeping the earth-friendly philosophy, the Urban Skyfarm aims to recreate those tree-inspired vertical farms and then put a considerable number around the cities, right in their busy hearts, with the help of some futuristic infrastructures.

Smart Architecture
Source: Aprilli

On the other hand, the Urban Skyfarm structures would, contribute to improving the environmental quality through water, air filtration and renewable energy production at the same time. In fact, environmentally speaking, the Urban Skyfarm represent smart architecture turned into an ecological monster who will be filtering water, air, and providing green around the whole facility by itself.

When big cities need more trees

The Tree-like form creates plays an important role, more than just decorating or aesthetics purposes, considering that since always the symbol of a tree had represented a strong iconic figure in different civilizations, which have been evolving and now becomes into a symbol of well being and sustainable development.

As a song says, “all my friends are turning green,” and it’s good to see that. Technology is giving a free VIP pass to nature, making her a main character of innovation. From cars to buildings, not necessarily literal gardens, but seeding awareness through at least the excessive consumption and the diverse ways of using the environmental sources properly.  Though, are we producing enough innovation to save us? Time goes by and both, urban versus rural, tech against environment, they need to come to terms before it’s too late.