The Best FreeSync 4K Monitors for Your Xbox One X

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft is looking to improve its fortunes in the video game market with the release of the Xbox One X on November 7, 2017. The console is destined to hit the market as the most powerful gaming device outside of the PC market, and the first console designed with true 4K in mind.

Here’s the thing, to take advantage of what 4K has to offer, one needs to have the right device to output picture coming from the Xbox One X in true 4K. Now, for many, they tend to purchase a television set for this task, but I’m more of a monitor type of person, especially since I do not own a TV, and may never.

The big question is, then, what are the best monitors for 4K gaming on the Xbox One X. Let’s dive in to see what we can find.

Note, all monitors mentioned here supports AMD’s FreeSync technology. For those who are wondering what FreeSync is all about, well, it’s a tech designed to reduce screen tearing. No one wants to bear with screen tearing in video games, so if there’s a way to keep it at a minimal, it’s best to go ahead with it.

Source: Amazon

ViewSonic XG2700-4K

The ViewSonic XG2700-4K is a quality computer monitor that comes packed with a 27-inch IPS display panel, 60Hz refresh rate, and a response time of 5ms. The resolution here is 3840 x 2160, so it will have no problems outputting 4K content from the Xbox One X and even a powerful Windows PC.

At $550 from Amazon, it’s difficult to walk away from this product.

Source: Amazon

Asus MG28UQ

If there’s one thing Asus knows how to make well, it would be computer monitors. The company has quite a few of these on the market, many of which are situated under the gaming category. The MG28UQ is one of these monitors, and it’s a winner.

The device is rocking a 28-inch TN 4K panel, 1ms response time, and technology for reducing eye fatigue. At the moment, it’s $429 on Amazon, which is quite a lot for a monitor with a TN panel.

Source: Amazon


Here’s another great looking monitor with a 28-inch TN 4K panel, 60Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and it goes for $343 via Amazon.

This device is a 4K monitor with nothing much to offer. Nonetheless, it works rather well, so it shouldn’t matter if you’re primary use for it is gaming related.

Source: Amazon

LG 27UD58-B

LG is one of those companies that know how to make computer monitors. The display of these devices is some of the best on the market. With that being said, the LG 27MU67 is no exception to the rule. It’s a compelling product with a 27-inch IPS display and 60Hz refresh rate.

The price for this beautiful monitor is $389.99 at Amazon.

With one of these computer monitors in your home, the content coming from your new Xbox One X will look incredible.