China Is Making a Power Play with Electric Vehicles

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The entire world will eventually abandon fuel-based cars in the future in favor of electric vehicles, and we’ll have to give thanks to China for this significant change. Let’s face it, the giant from Asia is slowly taking on a more leadership role in the world, and may one day replace the United States of America in several areas.

China is expected to become the world’s leading economy in the future, and it’s doing so with 1.38 billion people and $11.80 trillion in GDP. It simply means if the country makes a massive shift technologically, others will have little choice but to follow, and that’s precisely what’s going to happen with electric cars.

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China wants to ban fuel-based cars

Not too long ago, China made an announcement that should be a wake-up call for every country and every driver who owns a car that isn’t electric. The county made its intentions clear of banning all cars that aren’t battery powered but didn’t give a timeline.

To make things even more interesting, China is planning to reward car-makers who develop EVs instead of regular cars beginning in 2019. Now, for every conventional car made by a manufacturer, they’ll be forced to buy “EV credits” from other vehicle producers.

With this type of system set in place, car manufacturers will no doubt fall in line or risk being left behind.

China using its power as leverage

Back in 2016, China sold over 500,000 EVs, which is around 45 percent of the number of electric cars in the world at the time. Furthermore, the Chinese are the world’s largest auto consumer, so with that in mind, the country can command others to do its bidding, and they will have little reasons not to follow.

It’s challenging to simply avoid a market that is consistently growing each year, a market that is second only to the United States, and a market that is bringing more people into the fold due to ongoing development.

That’s right; there are several sections of China that are under modernization. When these development works are done, foreign investors will gain access to more of the Chinese market, which ultimately means, more money.

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Banning fuel cell cars is all part of a higher plan

The Chinese government wants to transform itself from being merely a country that is all about low-cost manufacturing. The state is hoping to push forward its “Made In China 2025” plan where it seeks to be dominant is 10 advanced industries.

These industries include semiconductor, robotics, and electric vehicles. Additionally, moving forward with the ban is also due to the need for China to dominate the battery market.

It’s clear that China wants to be on the competitive edge, so being one of the first to ban fuel cars nationwide is something essential. We shouldn’t be surprised if the government pushes forward with a solid plan to increase the update of electric vehicles before everyone else.

For now, however, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. If things continue down this route, China will likely become the most technologically advanced nation on Earth before long.