2018 Could Be the Year of the Foldable Smartphone

Source: Samsung

Smartphones in their current are not as exciting as they used to be. Every year manufacturers release a new device with more power and bigger screens, but that’s not cutting it any longer. Smartphones need new innovation, and chances are, that might come in the form of foldable smartphones.

Foldable smartphones have been on the radar for quite some time, but not a single OEM has released one of these products to market due to the time it takes for technology to catch up. However, that might change as soon as 2018 as both Samsung and Huawei are looking into what can be done.

Source: ZTE

The ZTE Axon M

Earlier this week, Chinese company ZTE got things up and running with the Axon M, a smartphone with two screens that fold out to create a larger device. It’s more like a clamshell than anything else, and not what we had in mind in terms of foldable smartphones, but it’s a start.

In all honesty, we do not believe the ZTE Axon M will find its place in the market, but despite that, we applaud the company for trying.

Samsung’s big plan for 2018

The South Korean giant demoed foldable smartphone prototype back in 2013. Since then we’ve been patiently waiting to see what the company has up its sleeves and whether or not it could actually pull off such a product.

Well then, back in September of this year, Samsung announced plans to launch a foldable Galaxy device in 2018, though it all depends on how quickly it can get the technology to work as intended. If the company can pack all the great technology we’ve come to love in the device without holding back, then Apple might have a lot to think about.

What about Huawei and its own plans?

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, made an announcement recently saying his company is working on a foldable mobile phone device. From what we can tell, it’s quite similar to the ZTE Axon M in design, but Huawei is not proud of it in its current state.

“We have two screens,” Yu said. “But we still have a small gap. That’s not good, and we should get rid of that gap.”

Outside of wanting to be among the first to have a foldable smart device on the market in 2018, the company is not content with its current position. It wants to be the number one smartphone maker, but to do that, it Yu and his team must find a way to outlast Apple and Samsung.

“We will overtake them definitely,” Yu said. “That’s our destiny. Maybe I’m not humble … but nobody can stop us.”

Those are some mighty words, and might just happen in the years to come. The company’s newly announced Mate 10 is quite impressive due to the AI chip it has onboard. It will all boil down to how well consumers respond to it when it hits the market later this year.