New Electric Bikes from Zero Motorcycles Charge in an Hour

Source: Zero Motorcycles

Some of the best electric bikes out there comes from Zero Motorcycles. We understand these bikes are quite fun to ride, however, when it comes down to charging, it can take a few hours for the bikes to get a full charge. That’s a problem when riders are eager to get back out on the road.

This tiny problem won’t be rectified in the current models, but it could with the 2018 models. The company not long ago introduced the new bikes to the world, and from what we’ve gathered, it’s possible to charge up to six times faster if the rider is using a 6kW Charge Tank with their Zero S, SR, DS, and DSR.

Yes, that’s little more than an hour when plugged into a level 1 outlet. Now then, some models have larger batteries, and as such, when they are plugged into a level 2 outlet, it should take around two hours to gain a full charge.

“he Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS, and Zero DSR can now charge up to 6x faster than when using standard, Level 1, 110 V outlets,” according to the company. “This breakthrough comes your way courtesy of a game changing 6 kW Charge Tank accessory.”

Source: Zero Motorcycles


Not yet a replacement for gas-powered motorcycles

These new models from Zero Motorcycles are great, but one has to realize that it takes no time at all to fill a gas tank. Not many have the patience to sit around a charging station for one or two hours just to get their bikes ready for the open road.

This is one of the primary reasons why some folks are not yet planning to invest into electric vehicles. But things will likely change as battery technology improves in the future.

So then, how does these new motorbike ride?

If you’re packing the ZF7.2 power pack, then expect to have at least 11 percent extra rear-wheel torque when compared to the previous model. Furthermore, the manufacturer improved the powertrains, so keep an eye out for 30 percent more torque and power.

Now, when this is combined with the 10 percent increase in range, riders should have little problems overtaking big trucks on the highway.

Your phone is now super important

There will come a time to upgrade your bike’s firmware. Zero has made this task easier, just download the company’s app to your smartphone and update the firmware right away. Pretty slick, right? Of course, it is. The ability to sit back with a phone in your had as your motorbike upgrades to the newest version, yes, that’s the life.

What about prices then?

The prices here are the same when compared to the 2017 models. The basic model begins at $8,495, while the SR and DSR models have a price point of $16,495. If you’re looking to have the Charge Tank for fast charging, be prepared to pay an extra $2,295.

Charge Tank is primarily for those who tend to ride on a regular basis. For everyone else, well, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor.