The First Apple iPhone X Clone is Here: The Hotwav Symbol S3


When the iPhone X was first announced by Apple, it was clear this device would be the future of several generations of iPhone. We know how long it takes the Cupertino giant to redesign its flagship product.

Additionally, this new design would no doubt kick-start a wave of clones coming out of China, and guess what? The first iPhone X copy is here in the form of the Symbol S3. Interestingly enough, this Chinese company has done a decent job in copying the basic look of the device, but it fails in every other department.

Hotwonder with a hot mess

The company in question here is called Hotwonder. No, this is not a joke. Now then, the full name of the product is the Hotwav Symbol S3, another fail at comprising an excellent name for a smartphone.

When it comes down to the hardware specifications, the Symbol S3 is rocking a 6-inch 1,440 x 720 IPS panel, which is a far-cry when compared the 5.8-inch OLED display found on the iPhone X. In terms of the cameras, well, this bad boy has four of them; two on the front and an additional two on the back.

We understand the front cameras are five and two megapixels, while the ones on the rear are 13 and two megapixels. We’re pretty confident these devices won’t take quality images and videos. But hey, four cameras!

Also, there’s no information available as to how the phone intends to take advantage of these four cameras. If you’re a person who snap pictures on a regular basis, you’ll probably just pass over this product.

What about the processor?

Ah yes, the processor. OK then, it’s a 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6739 CPU, so it’s not capable of coming close to the A11 Bionic chipset inside the Apple device. Furthermore, it has 2GB of RAM and a 2,900 mAh battery that is non-removable.

In terms of the operating system behind this product, well, the creators, according to Engadget, are claiming it runs Android 8.0

There’s no price for the Hotwav Symbol S3 just yet, but there’s an excellent chance it’ll be more than affordable. Folks in Asia who find the Apple iPhone X pleasing but are unable to come up with $1000 to own it, will likely gravitate towards this knockoff.

And to be honest, that’s not such a bad thing. It’s only a knockoff in terms of design; therefore, it’s not going to hurt Apple in any form.

Will the Hotwav Symbol S3 come to North America?

Chances are this is not going to happen unless small North American retailers decide to bring it over. It’s a device that could do well in some countries within the content, and also throughout Africa.