WhatsApp Users Panic After Outages Occur All Over the World

Source: www.androidpit.com

The “Global village” concept was partly developed to explain the ease of communication thanks to global network connectivity amongst people. Some of the key stakeholders include the telecommunication companies which play a vital role in enabling people to stay connected with each other as they break all barriers to accomplish their desires. Surprisingly, a chunk of WhatsApp users were rudely affected by the unexpected crashing of the messaging platform.

Source: www.androidpit.com

This was noted by users who effortlessly tried to access their accounts to no avail as they were served a ‘connecting’ wheel of death displayed on their screen. Most of the affected parts included Vietnam, India, parts of Western Europe, Iraq and England.

For those familiar with such an incidence, you should recall that WhatsApp also went down back in May and August. However, it’s funny how WhatsApp has been reluctant to issue an official statement on the outages.

This has raised speculations of a hacking attack on WhatsApp with others associating the ‘darkness’ to the debut of iPhone X on Friday. Despite the unconfirmed rumors, it is evident that WhatsApp is experiencing outages problems.

Widespread troll on Twitter and Facebook

Shortly after the hitch was experienced, a huge uproar ensued on Facebook and Twitter as users lamented and post hilarious memes. The outage was experienced from 8 am till 9 am when the services go back again.

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A cloud of darkness hovered over the ‘half’ a billion users who on a regular basis get to engage the platform. Inability to post images, send texts and view a hilarious post from your pals was becoming a nightmare over the short outage felt.

Rebekah Vardy posted” Ffs WhatsApp not this morning” with Luisa Ziismann asking taking it to her thousand followers: “Anyone else #whatsapp down Or just me? RT is yours not working too. Some of the tweets making rounds were “Am I the only one # WhatsApp is down? RT if you’re not working too“WhatsApp is down, I repeat Whatsapp is down.

The global outage led to the heat mapping by Downdetector, on the parts affected by the problem across UK and Europe. In other countries such as India (biggest WhatsApp market) with over 200 million users, the #WhatsAppdown was trending on Twitter. An unofficial WhatsApp handle, Whatsappen tweeted that they are uncertain on how long the issue will take to be resolved.

The latest disruption has ignited a grave issue on accountability of WhatsApp’s communication when it comes to interruptions and the way forward after such occurrences.

WhatsApp wide- range users

Since Facebook took over WhatsApp in 2014, the Chat App has outdone its performance with an ever-expanding user base especially among the teens and regular updates such as the “delete message option” been released. This acceptance rate has been advantageous to the group giving it an edge over competitors such as Viber, messenger, Telegram, Send Line among others.

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For the 1-hour interruption to lead to a global uproar is evidence of the Chat App’s domination of online messaging services with its users spilling over the continents. This raises the question on the depth of WhatsApp interconnection among people via mobile messaging. This venue has become one of the extensive markets with opportunities presenting themselves on a day-to-day basis.

Still, it’s uncertain on whether WhatsApp users should prepare for such occurrences in the near future as it’s yet to be seen if the owners have a plan to avoid the mishap. Anyway, users are expected continue enjoying the chat services with the new recall feature that was released to the public a few days ago.