Apple iOS 11.1 Autocorrect Bug and the Release Workaround


Statistics indicate that there are over 230,000 iOS apps on the App store.  However, some iOS software fall short of end-user expectations and hence necessitates for production of an upgrade to fix the shortcomings. Apple’s iOS 11.1 is the latest causality.

Apple’s iOS 11.1 is experiencing difficulties in expressing the letter “i”. Preliminary findings point fingers to Apple’s auto-correct  feature. the brighter side of a rather dull moment for apple is that not all updates have been affected.

iphone iOS 11.1

As predicted , iPhone users took to social media to air their frustration and poke fun at their own predicament. Mike Murphy felt he was being shortchanged by having a a phone worth $1,150 US dollars that couldn’t type letter i. the glitch has taken over the command function and its replacing letter i with capital letter A and a a question mark (?).

Well thanks to quick thinking, a number of easy fix steps were highlighted which include: downloading a 3rd party keyboard from Apple’s App store or turning off the predictive text on the settings menu.

In an act of damage control, Apple has published a guideline to help fix the bug in its official website. The document is still a work in progress and it  closing remarks point towards the same by indicating that more information will be provided once they get a clear understanding of the issue at hand.

Apple remains tight lipped with the corrective measure timelines. Nonetheless, it is expected that only a software update on iOS 11.1 can reverse the situation.

The technical glitch comes at a bad time for Apple. It dampens the party mood for apple who have been on a roll since the launch of the iPhone X and the trappings that followed as depicted by unprecedented Wall Street performance. 

Temporary fix for iOS 11.1 Autocorrection

An autocorrect Text Replacement feature has since been released by the company with a set of steps were expected to be followed. The first step is for users to go to the Settings menu, tap General, go to Keyboard then tap Text Replacement. After this touch “+” sign then type uppercase “I” and finally in Shortcut type lowercase ”i”. Reddit user TheCravin also established that by copying the autocorrected text, the paste function corrects the text back to “i”.

Source: Reddit/TheCravin

So what is the cause of the problem? Experts say that a broken variation selector (VS-16), an invisible character used to combine 2 characters to form an emoji ( an example of typing ‘happy birthday’ a cake emoji appears), may have led to the defect.

What you need to know about iOS 11.1

Apple version iOS 11.1 hit the stores in October replacing the previous version iOS 11.0.1. Other than the auto-correction anomaly expressed by the letter “i”, it is definitely a step if not steps ahead its predecessor.

The iOS 11.1 is a bag full of goodies. Some of which include 70 new emojis introduced (including clothing options such as headscarf, crazy face, gender-neutral characters, smiley faces and fun creatures like genies and vampires), 3D Touch App Switcher gesture and a reachability dock overlap issue.

iphone iOS 11.1
70 new emoji added on iOS 11.1 Source:

Apple iOS 11.1 was set to fix bug problems that led to crackling sounds produced by a number of iPhone 8 handsets, offer an updated camera icon and a new Assistive Touch Custom Actions.

But a twist to the upgrade is the ‘killing’ of battery life linked to iOS 11.1 as expressed by lots who users who expressed their frustration on social media. Posts such as “iOS 11.1 freaking sucks, it really kills battery life. We know you knew what would happen with this update @Apple@AppleSupport” took center-stage on Twitter.

Not the first bug to hit Apple’s products

The weekend-long fuss brought by the weird bug is not news for Apple manufacturers as a similar problem was witnessed in last year’s iPhone 7. This bug affected the phone’s lightning Earpods and poor network signal. It’s worth noting that the most affected gadgets include iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models with applications such as iMessage, Twitter and Instagram experiencing the fault.


It will be a matter of wait and see how swift Apple is at releasing a new software update to address auto-correcting “i” bug.