Microsoft and LinkedIn Integration Brings On the ‘Resume Assistant’


A great philosopher once said, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.” I believe this is what Microsoft Company had in mind when it bought LinkedIn. The hefty acquisition of the company was an investment that many sort to see its yield and contribution to Microsoft’s revenue. Well, the professional online platform is proving its worth with latest announcement made on the release of the ‘Resume Assistant’.

microsoft buys linkedin
Source: Google

In a nutshell, the resume assistant was driven by the urge to inspire and motivate uncertain people on the best way to approach resume writing.  It provides titles according to skills and responsibilities. The new feature has been incorporated in Microsoft Office 365 and is designed to connect with LinkedIn database.

The new collaboration helps Word subscribers

Ever since Microsoft Office suite was introduced, it has gained worldwide popularity as it set to provide a working program for users. According to Microsoft, 80% of the world’s population use Word document application to write their CV making an enhancement on the program (existing templates) inevitable as seen with the latest development.

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Basically, Resume Assistant chips in helping job hunters write an appealing CV as it provides trends and keyword related to the specification of the job set. It gets even better for first timers or those unfamiliar with resume writing as the tool guides you to draft as per other relevant persons in the field. Furthermore subscribers will get to connect with resume-writing experts via ProFinder.

That’s not all as the AI application enables subscribers to view job listings and allow you to display the top skills as required by employers. This saves users the tussle of having to copy and paste their resume documents on LinkedIn rather the option that sits on the sidebar is provided on the opened word document.

A major impact of this new function is seen when the program automatically detects when a word user opens up a Curricular Vitae document. That’s how powerful the Resume Assistant is.

Background of LinkedIn

LinkedIn was launched back in 2002 by Reid recruits from PayPal and SocialNet but made a breakthrough in 2012 with more than 225 million members. It was then bought by its current owners in 2016 for $26.2 million.


The online platform provides a professional only media for job seekers, employers and even sales marketing. With over 310 million subscribers, LinkedIn has vastly grown to dominate in professional networking.

This has been achieved by the fact that users are able to interact professionally, market themselves and develop their own personal brand. It also allows you to join groups deemed relevant to your career line thus broadening your job profile.

Apart from this, LinkedIn has fostered expanded job opportunities by creating ties with institutions such as universities to create awareness on career paths.

An addition to the Microsoft collection

Developers at Microsoft have come a long way to innovate Artificial Intelligence guided programs with the new feature adding to the list that comprises: a Translator add-in for PowerPoint and an Editor feature introduced in word to improve writing.

Microsoft just as LinkedIn, is also associated with other products such as enhancement on the email inbox. The collaboration between Microsoft and LinkedIn will encompass two vital elements in writing; design/ layout and content provision.

Some analysts wish to see some integration between the two an example of inclusion of Cortana with LinkedIn to develop a feature that suggests wording and people communicating with each other.

A LinkedIn app has already been incorporated in Windows 10.

Stiff competition in the market

Microsoft’s latest move is not oblivious of the cutting edge competition with the likes of Salesforce, also interested in banking LinkedIn, developing its own Quip app to counter Bill Gate’s company. It’s also joined by Google that is making its mark in the job seeking arena via a job listing search engine.

Source: Google

Roll out schedule

It was reported that the new feature will debut on Thursday but only for PC users on Microsoft Office 365 (part of Office Insiders Program) with global release set out for the next ‘coming’ months.

Once this new feature is rolled out, I believe that the rather “not so fun” task of writing an attractive resume will change.